Above & Beyond



The following reports from patients and family members reaffirm our staff’s commitment
to putting our patients’ needs first. Please take a minute to say THANKS!

Dorothy Evans [at UM Shore Medical Center at Chestertown] was extremely helpful and knowledgeable.

It was my first time at the DIC  since the renovation. During my MRI appointment and the test, everyone was very professional. The entire medical staff was friendly and courteous.

At the lab [in UM Shore Medical Center at Dorchester], both the receptionist and the person who registered me were very friendly and registration was quick. Tina, who drew my blood was excellent. I do not like needles and hate having a blood draw but I barely felt the stick this time. Great job!

In the ED at Easton, the staff took extreme care to try to understand & diagnose what was going on with my ongoing condition. The doctor also contacted my pain management doctor to further understand my condition. I felt very comfortable with her understanding & treating my condition that day.

Dr. Clare Ross is wonderful and has done a great job of making appointments for further tests and following up with us, calling us personally.

I appreciate everything Dr. Saffar did for me during my stay [at UM Shore Medical Center at Easton]. His researching and discussing drug interactions with me so I could understand it was first class. I was very impressed.


UM SRH Kronos Upgrade Goes into Effect with October 30 – November 12 Pay Period



The Kronos Upgrade for UM Shore Regional Health employees goes into effect as of the 23rd pay period (October 30-November 12, 2016). UM SRH managers are presently undergoing timekeeping training via HealthStream in preparation for this upgrade, which has two significant impacts:

  • Exempt (salaried) will have to mark PRESENT every day that they work (although they will not clock in and out); and
  • Non-exempt (hourly) employees will record whether or not they received a full, 30-minute meal break.

Please read the following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). If you are unclear about how this upgrade affects your timekeeping, talk to your manager/timekeeper.

1.   What is the goal of the Kronos Upgrade?

The goal is to consolidate the Kronos systems for Shore Regional Health by moving all of the Kronos systems onto a unified IT platform. This will begin the process of consolidating Kronos for all UMMS facilities.
With the Kronos upgrade, the Meal Attestation Tool (ATK) will be added. This will allow non-exempt employees to electronically attest whether or not they received their full meal period each day at the Kronos clock.
In addition, exempt (salaried) employees will now have to ability to timestamp (via computer).

2.    Does this change impact exempt (salaried) employees?

Yes. As of now, SRH exempt (salaried) team members do not interact with the KRONOS system.  To bring SRH in line with other UMMS facilities, all exempt (salaried) team members will be required to mark present once each day.
     All exempt (salaried) team members will have access to KRONOS via their computer desktops and will not be required to badge swipe using a time clock; however, should an exempt (salaried) team member wish to swipe at the clock, this is also available.
Please know that exempt (salaried) team member hours will NOT be tracked hourly.  Marking present is designed to ensure that PAL and other activities are captured promptly and accurately. 

3.  What is the new badge swiping process for hourly non-exempt employees?

  • At the start of each shift, all employees will press the CLOCK IN soft key button on the clock and then swipe their badge to record time.
  • At the end of each shift, all employees will press the CLOCK OUT soft key button on the clock and then swipe their badge.

The Meal Break question will display on the screen for non-exempt (hourly) employees who worked at least six consecutive hours and the non-exempt employee (hourly) must:

  • Non-exempt employees will press the YES soft key button if they received the full meal break
  • Non-exempt employees will press the NO soft key button if they did not receive the full meal break

4.   What is a meal break?

A meal break is an uninterrupted 30-minute break during which a non-exempt (hourly) employee is completely relieved of all duties. Uninterrupted meal breaks are considered to be the employee’s time and are unpaid.

5.   Why do we need to ask if a non-exempt (hourly) employee has taken a meal break?

The ATK feature allows for better compliance with federal and state laws regarding the proper payment of wages. This new process will minimize the administrative burden on editing Kronos records to remove the meal break.

6. What is the exact meal break question that non-exempt (hourly) employees will be asked?

“Did you get your full meal break on your shift today?”

7.  How many hours must a non-exempt (hourly) employee work to receive the ATK question?

Non-exempt employees will be prompted to answer whether or not a meal break was taken after working six consecutive hours or more on the time clock. If the employee works less than six consecutive hours, the employee will not receive an automatic meal break deduction so the meal break question will not be asked.

8. What if the non-exempt (hourly) employee works at least six consecutive hours and no meal break is taken?

If the non-exempt employee works at least six consecutive hours and does not receive the meal break, the employee will be paid for the entire shift. When the non-exempt employee is asked the meal break question at the end of the shift, her or she must answer NO.  

9.  What if the non-exempt (hourly) employee works at least six consecutive hours and a meal break is taken?

If the non-exempt employee works at least six consecutive hours and does receive the meal break, the employee will have a meal break deduction. When the non-exempt employee is asked the meal break question at the end of the shift, he or she must answer YES.

10.  What if the non-exempt (hourly) employee works less than six consecutive hours and no meal break is taken?

If the employee works less than six consecutive hours, the employee will not receive an automatic meal break deduction so the meal break question will not be asked.

11. What if the non-exempt (hourly) employee works less than six consecutive hours and a meal break is taken?

If the employee works less than six consecutive hours, the employee will need to clock out at the start of his or her break and clock back in upon  return. The 30-minute automatic meal break will not be removed from his or her schedule.

12.   What happens if the non-exempt (hourly) employee does not answer the meal break question when prompted?

If an employee fails to answer the meal break question when prompted, the clock out swipe will not be recorded and the employee will need to complete a Kronos Exception Form. The clock out time will need to be manually entered in Kronos by the timekeeper.

13.  How will a manager know if the employee does not take a meal break?

Managers will receive email notification when an employee indicates he or she did not receive a full meal break.

14. Will a Kronos Exception Form need to be completed for missed swipes or meal break corrections?

Yes, if an employee fails to answer the meal break question or fails to swipe in or out, he or she will need to complete a Kronos Exception Form.

15.  Should a timekeeper edit an employee’s swipes or meal break responses without a Kronos Exception Form?

No, any corrections and edits made to a Kronos record must be authorized by the employee using the Kronos Exception Form.

16.   Can an employee clock in/clock out at any Kronos clock?

Yes, however departmental procedure may require employees to continue to clock in/clock out at the Kronos clock they are currently assigned to.


Team Forums Set for October 24 – November 14 in Chestertown, Dorchester and Easton


“Defining the Patient Experience” is the topic of the upcoming round of UM Shore Regional Health Team Forums conducted by Ken Kozel, president and CEO.  The forums will feature presentations by Jo Anne Thomson, director, Patient Experience;  Matthew Tresansky, director, Food Services; and Jonathan Kelley, director, Environmental Services.

The schedule is below — mark your calendar so you can be present to offer input or ask questions!

Day Date Time Location Room
MONDAY October 24 9 a.m. UM SMC at Easton HEC
TUESDAY October 25 3 p.m. Easton Canvasback
THURSDAY October 27 3 p.m. UM SMC at Chestertown Conference Center
MONDAY October 31 12 noon Easton Cancer Center
FRIDAY November 4 9 a.m. UM SMC at Dorchester 3rd Floor
MONDAY November 14 8 a.m. UM SMC at Easton HEC

Communicate With H.E.A.R.T Training Set for November 2-3

commwithheart-largelogoTwenty-five UM Shore Regional Health team members are signed up for Communication with H.E.A.R.T. training, set for November 2-3 at Shore Medical Pavilion at Easton, Christine Clarke, service excellence coach-trainer has announced.

“We are really pleased at the level of interest and enthusiasm this opportunity has generated among our staff,” says Clarke, who will conduct the two-day “train the trainer” session with two consultants from the Cleveland Clinic’s Patient Experience program, Jessica O’Connor and Lisa Kolowsly.

oconnor-jO’Connor, shown at right, is a founding member of the Patient Experience Advisory Group at Cleveland Clinic. She has experience working with domestic and international healthcare organizations to customize and deliver a variety of patient experience improvement services.

Team members on board for the training are: Amy Baker, Lori Baker, Victoria Boslowsky, Susan Coe Christian Chanere, Lora Collier, Mary Collins, Donald Cooper, Katie Dadds, Jessica Denny, Elizabeth Flair, Bob Frank, Kate Gallagher, Thomas Gray, Tanya Gross, Melissa Kelly,  Linda Pittman, Margaret Pulleyn, Mickey Roderick, Jeanie Scott, Mary Shepherd, Jo Anne Thomson, Sheldon Turner, Emily Uyttewaal, and Taffie Wilson.

Khalid Kurtom, MD, Named Recipient of 2016 Arthur B. Cecil Jr., MD, Award for Excellence


Pictured at the recent Cecil Award banquet are (left to right) Kenneth Kozel, president and CEO, UM Shore Regional Health; Dr. R. Duane Cespedes, Cecil Award finalist, Dr. Khalid Kurtom, 2016 Cecil Award recipient; Dr. Donald D’Aquila, Cecil Award finalist; and John Dillon, chairman, Board of Directors, UM Shore Regional Health.

University of Maryland Shore Regional Health recently named Khalid H. Kurtom, MD, FAANS, FACS, as the recipient of the 2016 Arthur B. Cecil, Jr., MD, Award for Excellence in Health Care Improvement. Dr. Kurtom, a neurosurgeon practicing with University of Maryland Community Medical Group — Neurosurgery, was chosen from among three finalists for the Cecil Award, which is named for Arthur B. Cecil, Jr., MD, a surgeon who practiced at University of Maryland Shore Medical Center at Easton from 1950 until 1988. The award was presented to Dr. Kurtom by Dr. Cecil’s son, Arthur B. Cecil, III.

Dr. Cecil was the first recipient of the award, which recognized his contributions to clinical advancements and medical staff development. Today, the Cecil Award continues UM Shore Regional Health’s tradition of recognizing performance improvement initiatives that have a measurable effect on the quality of health care for a defined group of patients.

“The Cecil Award allows us to recognize physicians, advanced practice practitioners and doctors of pharmacy here at Shore Regional Health who go ‘above and beyond’ and whose efforts result in better patient care, enabling us to realize our vision of becoming the Region’s Leader in Patient Centered Care,” commented Kenneth Kozel, president and CEO, UM Shore Regional Health.

Dr. Kurtom was nominated for his role in improving spine patient outcomes and his work as the UM Shore Regional Health regional representative to the University of Maryland Medical System Spine Network. As a member of the UMMS Spine Network, Dr. Kurtom has been instrumental in decreasing spinal surgery patients’ length of stay, readmissions and post-procedure complications,  all while decreasing spinal surgery costs.

Dr. Kurtom earned his medical degree from George Washington University School of Medicine in Washington, DC. He attended the University of Maryland for his undergraduate education. His post graduate training included a master’s degree at Georgetown University, General Surgery Internship and a Neurosurgery Residency at George Washington University Hospital, and a Neurosurgery Clinical Fellowship at the National Institute of Neurological Disorders & Stroke in Washington, DC.

“It is such an honor to be named the 2016 Cecil Award winner,” said Dr. Kurtom. “While this award recognizes one individual, I would not be here without the tremendous efforts of my team and the support that they provide for me. The collaborative approach that my colleagues and I take has elevated the quality of care that I provide for my patients.”

Also honored as finalists for this year’s Cecil Award were R. Duane Cespedes, MD and Donald D’Aquila, PharmD.

Dr. Cespedes was nominated for his for his commitment to providing high quality of care  in the Continence and Pelvic Health Center Program, which focuses on finding alternatives to surgery for urinary incontinence patients. The program also offers state of the art Urodynamic Studies to assist in the diagnosis of conditions such as neurogenic bladders and complications from multiple sclerosis.

Dr. D’Aquila, was nominated for having implemented pharmacologic therapies in the management of pain and non-pain symptoms. He has implemented numerous programs and strategies that have benefited patients in Shore Regional Health’s pain management programs, palliative care, and surgical and cancer care.

“The Cecil Award celebrates and honors highly-trained medical care providers who strive every day to innovate and bring leading edge care to all the patients we serve,” says William Huffner, MD, chief medical officer and vice president, Medical Affairs, UM Shore Regional Health. “We are fortunate to have care team members of this caliber in our region.”

University of Maryland Community Medical Group – Pulmonary Care Announces Addition of Fernando DeLeon, MD


Fernando DeLeon, MD

Fernando DeLeon, MD

University of Maryland Community Medical Group (UM CMG), announces the addition of Chestertown-based pulmonologist Fernando DeLeon, MD. Dr. DeLeon’s clinical interests includes COPD, smoking cessation, pulmonary fibrosis and asthma. Starting in December, he will be seeing patients at 126 Philosophers Terrace in Chestertown, Maryland.

UM CMG is a University of Maryland Medical System-owned network of more than 300 primary care physicians, specialists- and advanced practice clinicians. As part of this UM CMG, Dr. DeLeon is affiliated with UM Shore Regional Health.

Dr. DeLeon received his medical degree from Boston University and completed his fellowship, residency and internship at University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore. He is board certified in internal medicine, pulmonary medicine and critical care.

“We are incredibly excited to welcome Dr. DeLeon to the University of Maryland Community Medical Group at our pulmonary care practice,” comments Michele Wilson, vice president of operations for UM CMG. “Dr. DeLeon’s knowledge and experience are a great asset as we bring pulmonary care services to our patients in the Chestertown area.”

UM CMG consists of community-based provider practices affiliated with UM Baltimore Washington Medical Center, UM Charles Regional Medical Center, University of Maryland Medical Center Midtown Campus and UM Shore Regional Health.  A list of UM CMG providers is available at http://docfind.umms.org/cmg.

UM Shore Regional Health Welcomes New Therapists to Rehabilitation Services

Team-StrengthUniversity of Maryland Shore Regional Health’s Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services recently welcomed occupational therapist Jenny Perrin and physical therapist Lopa Chitalia to the outpatient rehab team. Both Perrin and Chitalia will be working at Shore Rehabilitation Center at Cambridge and The Balance Center.


Jenny Perrin, occupational therapist

Perrin holds a master’s degree in occupational therapy from Mount Mary University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She has experience in several areas of examination and treatment, and is pursuing certification as a lymphedema therapist. Her areas of experience include acute management in stroke, cardiac care and oncology. Prior to her OT experience, Perrin practiced massage therapy. Perrin will split her time providing acute care therapy services at UM Shore Medical Center at Dorchester as well as the outpatient rehab center in Cambridge.


Lopa Chitalia, physical therapist

A graduate of University of Pittsburgh with a master’s in physical therapy, Chitalia is well versed in a broad range of examination, evaluation and management for restoring function. Her areas of experience include cardio-pulmonary, pediatric, orthopedic, neurologic and bariatric therapy. She was previously employed by Baltimore Orthopedics and Rehabilitation where she conducted monthly staff trainings for fall prevention and safe transfers

UM Shore Regional Health offers diverse outpatient rehabilitation services in Cambridge, Denton, Easton and Queenstown. For more information, contact Frank Rath, 410-822-1000, ext. 7641or visit http://umshoreregional.org/programs/rehab.


Auxiliary of Memorial Hospital at Easton Holds Annual Awards Luncheon

Team-Strengthauxiliary-luncheon-2016The Auxiliary of Memorial Hospital at Easton recently held its annual service awards luncheon at the Tred Avon Yacht Club in Oxford.  The Auxiliary celebrated over 37,000 hours of service volunteered by 160 active members  in 2016.

The service award program recognizes members’ volunteer milestones.  During the ceremony Margaret Blair was honored with a special gift from the auxiliary for volunteering 14,000 hours for two different services. Other distinguished honorees were: Pauline Lane, for 17,750 hours; Joe Shultz, for 12,500 hours; Debbie Hayes, for 10,500 hours; and Elva Pierce, for 10,000 hours.

The following Auxiliary members were also recognized for their hours of service:

  • Neal O’Shea (8,500);
  • Gail Jenkins (8,000);
  • Terry Stephan (7,500);
  • Sabine Simonson (7,000);
  • Carolyn Behr (6,500);
  • Joyce Kent and Bertha B. Wilson (5,500);
  • Janet Granger and Ellicott McConnel (5,000);
  • Celia Bodmer, Barbara Brown and Brenda Prettyman (4,500);
  • William Jenkins (4,000);
  • Regina Holland and Anita Rowan (3,500);
  • Art Cecil, Ruth Cecil, Margaret Green and Mary Turkington (3,000);
  • Nancy Espenhorst (2,500);
  • Virginia Curtin, William Hough and Donald O’Brien (2,000);
  • Carolyn Gillman, Annabel Lesher, Suzan Newnam, Mary Ann Ray and Harriett Riter (1,500);
  • Pauline Figliozzi, Liz Hannegan, Cecelia Laufert, Linda Nagle, Edna Pettit, Joyce Wilhelm and Gervios Wooters (1,000);
  • Patricia Collins, Robert Gretzinger, Virigina Ann Harvey, Eileen Kornas, Anne Kuntz, Leslie Leadbeater, Genenieve Murray, Helen Williams and Penny Womack (750);
  • Elaine Bednarz, Diane Daffin, Kathleen Fabian, Alice Formyduval, Mary McArtor, Andrea Mullikin, Barbara Nickerson, Barbara Runz, Kay Upton (500);
  • Elizabeth Bedwell, Dianne Dulin, Joseph Hartmeyer, Michelle Hegadorn, Rose Hurst,
  • Nancy Latham, JoAnn Martin, Phyllis Matthai, Dale Mumford, Marrie Retallack, Diane Ries, Bryant Wheeler and Mary Young (250); and,
  • Tyler Beals, Karen Collins, Anne Davis, Paula Doyle, Paula Grussing, Jane Holman, Melva Hull, Thomas Keepers, Janet Pfeffer and Elaine Rippel (100).

Since its establishment, the Auxiliary of Memorial Hospital at Easton has been instrumental in raising funds for various hospital programs and services at University of Maryland Shore Medical Center at Easton.  Auxiliary funds are primarily raised through sales at Maggie’s Gift Shop, located at the hospital, and at the Bazaar at 121 Federal Street, which accepts donations of gently used clothing, accessories and small household items that are resold at reasonable prices.  Both retail establishments are staffed by Auxiliary volunteers.  In addition, Auxiliary volunteers are a resource in clinical areas both at the hospital and offsite, providing assistance to staff members, patients and visitors in multiple areas.  Free blood pressure screenings are also provided to the community by auxiliary volunteers at the Diagnostic and Imaging Center located at 10 Martin Court in Easton.

For additional information about volunteer opportunities with the Memorial Hospital Auxiliary, visit umshoreregional.org or call 410-822-1000, extension 5839.

New Social Media Posts This Week…..Please Like and Share


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New Social Media Posts This Week…..Please Like and Share

  • Bazaar at 121 Federal Street to hold Bag Sale
  • Caring Clowns Visit UM SMC at Easton
  • UM Shore Regional Health Sponsors Largest Health Event in Kent County
  • Congratulations to our very own, Dale Jafari of University of Maryland Community Medical Group – Women’s Health GYN!
  • 2016 Winter Design Showcase brought to you by University of Maryland Memorial Hospital Foundation, The Elks Lodge of Easton and Robin’s Nest

Upcoming Events: October 2016


Alzheimer’s Support

Alzheimer’s/Dementia Caregivers Support Group – Thursday, 10/20, 6-7:30pm. UM Shore Nursing & Rehab Center at Chestertown. Led by Stepha Golebieski, assistant director of nursing. Contact: 410-778-4550.

Find information about skilled nursing, inpatient rehab and respite care in Chestertown online at UMShoreRegional.org/about/facilities/rehabilitation.

Auxiliary Events

End of Summer Sale – The Gift Shop, UM SMC at Chestertown. Sales on summer items including ALL beach bags. All sales conducted by the Chester River Hospital Center Auxiliary are for the benefit of programs, services, patient care and equipment at UM SMC at Chestertown.

Bazaar Bag Sale – Friday, 10/21, Bazaar at 121 Federal Street, Easton MD.  Customers will be able to fill a bag with shop merchandise for either $6 or $10. Bags will be provided by the Bazaar and can be filled with previously discounted clothing (punched tickets). Certain merchandise exclusions do apply; please see a shop volunteer for details. All sales conducted by the Auxiliary of Memorial Hospital at Easton are for the benefit of programs, services, patient care and equipment at UM SMC at Easton.

Breast Cancer Support

Transition to Wellness – Free workshops for breast cancer survivors and patients who are ending treatment.

Survivors Offering Support (SOS) – Free program pairing women who have breast cancer with mentors who are breast cancer survivors. If you need support or would like to become a mentor, call 410-822-1000, ext. 5866.

Find more information about The Breast Center’s programs and services at UMShoreRegional.org/breast_center

Cancer Support

Cancer Support Group/Easton – Thursday, 10/20, 5-6:30pm, Cancer Center, Easton. Information and support for patients at any stage – diagnosis, treatment, recovery and survivorship. Contact: 443-254-5940

Cancer Support Group/Chestertown – Monday, 10/24, 7pm, UM SMC at Chestertown, Education Center. Information and support for patients at any stage – diagnosis, treatment, recovery and survivorship. Contact: 410-778-7668, ext. 2175.

Find more information about cancer treatment and support services online at UMShoreRegional.org/cancer_program.

Childbirth & New Parent Education

Big Brother, Big Sister: Sibling Preparation – Saturday, 10/29, 9:30-11am, UM SMC at Easton, Health Education Center. Designed for children ages 3-8, includes a tour of the Birthing Center and story time or video.  Register by phone, 410-822-1000 or 410-228-5511, ext. 5200.

Find more information about Birthing Center programs and services at UMShoreRegional.org/programs/birthing-center/services.

Diabetes Education and Support

Diabetes Support Group/Chestertown– Tuesday, 10/25, 6:30pm, UM Shore Regional Health Chestertown. Led by Chrissy Nelson, diabetes educator. Contact 410-778-3300 ext. 2175

Diabetes Support Group/ Dorchester – Wednesday, 10/27, 5:30, Dorchester County YMCA. Contact: 410-822-1000, ext. 5195.

Find more information about diabetes treatment and support services at UMShoreRegional.org/programs/endocrinology.

Flu Shot Clinics

10/20/16 Easton  HEC Rm. A&B
10/26/16 Dorchester 3rd floor Conference Rm.
10/31/16 Chestertown  Conference Center 2nd floor
11/8/16  Easton  Out Pt. Conference Rm.

Time will be 6:30am  to 5pm for all the dates listed above

Integrative Medicine

Acupuncture, Massage, Psychotherapy and Reiki – By appointment, Mon-Fri, except holidays. Center for Integrative Medicine, Suite 300, 522 Cynwood Drive, Easton. For information about services, providers and scheduling, visit UMShoreRegional.org/programs/integrative/about or call 410-770-9400.

Psychosocial Support

Bridge Clinic Support Group – Tuesday 10/25, 6-7:30pm, UM SMC at Dorchester. Free, confidential support group meeting for individuals who have been hospitalized for behavioral health reasons and could benefit from assistance with issues after discharge. Varied topics based on participants’ needs. Each participant may bring one family member. Contact: 410-228-5511, ext. 2140.

Safe Sitter

Safe Sitter® Class, Chestertown –Saturday, 10/29, 9am-4:30pm, UM SMC at Chestertown Education Center. Pediatric nurses teach youth ages 11-13 the basics of babysitting, including first aid and more. Cost: $40 (scholarships available). Limited seating, advance registration required. Contact: 410-778-7668, ext. 2175.


Free Blood Pressure Screenings/Easton & Cambridge – Easton: every Tuesday and Wednesday, 9am-12pm, Diagnostic and Imaging Center. Cambridge: every Tuesday and Friday, 11am-1pm, UM SMC at Dorchester, Main Lobby. (Excluding holidays)


From a Woman’s Point of View: Nurturing Your Financial and Physical Well Being– Thursday, 10/20, 9:30-11am. Talbot Country Club. Presenters: Dr. Lakshmi Vaidyanathan, Shore Regional Palliative Care Program and Elizabeth Spurry, President Tred Avon Family Wealth. Free, but seating is limited. Register in advance by contacting Janet Andrews, 410-822-1000 ext. 5792, janet@umm.edu.

Service Award Celebrations

Celebration Dinner — Thursday, 10/20, 5:30pm, The Milestone, 9630 Technology Dr, Easton, MD 21601. Celebrating our retirees and employees with 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 & 50 years of service.
Celebration Luncheon — Friday, 10/21, 11:00am, The Milestone, 9630 Technology Dr, Easton, MD 21601. Celebrating employees with 10 & 15 years of service.

Stroke Support

Queenstown Stroke Support Group – Tuesday, 10/25, 12pm-2pm, UM Shore Pavilion at Queenstown. Topic: Dancing with Diago.  How dancing can improve stroke recovery. Stroke survivors and family/caregivers welcome. Bring bagged lunch. Contact: 410-822-1000, ext. 5068, jfluharty@umm.edu.