Above & Beyond: Nursing Shared Leadership Global Council Donations Drive Benefits His Hope Homeless Shelter

His Hope Homeless Shelter Team manager Bryan Gourley (center) are shown with UM SRH nurses Jakeisha Downing Debby Taylor after they unloaded a van-load of donated items from UM Shore Regional Health team members.

UM Shore Regional Health’s Nursing Shared Leadership Global Council is wrapping up the collection drive to benefit His Hope Haven Homeless Shelter in Caroline County. Last Friday, February 15. Shelter manager Brian Gourley met UM SRH nurses Debby Taylor, of Same Day  Jakeisha Downing, of the Emergency Department at the shelter to help unload a very full cargo van and give them a tour of the facility. Says Taylor, “Brian and his team at His Hope were overwhelmed by the generosity of our staff and expressed their sincere appreciation.”

According to Taylor, the drive has generated an outstanding response. “We have made three deliveries thus far and are planning another next Friday, March 1, because items have continued to come in,” she says. “Over 50 boxes of various items, in addition to several large multipacks of paper towels, bath tissue, and diapers were delivered last Friday, and 3 East staff made an earlier delivery of over 150 pounds of food items. Every single item on the wish list was donated many times over, and there were many other items — even a flat-screen TV.”

Hats off to all who have donated to the collection drive and especially to  Nursing Shared Leadership Global Council’s Community Outreach Committee members for their hard work in coordinating the effort. They are: Jakeisha Downing, Emergency Room, Easton; Sheila Greenwood, Case Management, Dorchester; Sam Owens, Neurology, Easton; Ashley Schreppel, Telemetry, Easton; and Debby Taylor, Same Day Surgery, Easton.

Welcome, New Team Members

Front row: Dayshonna Matthews, Laura Barry, Jessica Alvarez, Linda Sluder and Rykecia Todd. Back row: Erin Van Horn, Tracy Tapman, Daniel Roberts, Stacey Garland and Jasmine Lafon.

Please join Human Resources in welcoming the following new team members who completed New Employee Orientation on February 18, 2019.

  • Jessica Alvarez, Director, Acute Care, UM SMC at Dorchester and Easton
  • Laura Barry, Occupational Therapy Assistant, UM Chester River Home Care
  • Stacey Garland, Environmental Services Tech, UM SMC at Easton
  • Jasmine Lafon, Medical Lab Assistant, UM SMC at Dorchester
  • Dayshonna Matthews, Food Service Associate, UM SMC at Easton
  • Daniel Roberts, Electrician, UM SMC at Easton
  • Linda Sluder, Multi-Modality Tech II, Diagnostic Imaging, UM SMC at Chestertown
  • Tracy Tapman, Medical Technologist, Laboratory Services, UM SMC at Dorchester
  • Rykecia Todd, Nursing Tech, UM SMC at Easton
  • Erin Vanhorn, Staff Nurse-Residency Program, Critical Care University, UM SRH

2018 Nurse Excellence Award Nominees Announced

University of Maryland Shore Regional Health has announced the 27 nominees for the 2018 Nurse Excellence Awards program, set for Monday, May 6, 2019 at the Rufus M. and Loraine Hall Todd Performing Arts Center at Chesapeake College.

According to Ruth Ann Jones, senior vice president, Patient Care Services and chief nursing officer, this year’s nominees are an outstanding group. “While one winner will be chosen for each of the award categories, all nominees  deserve recognition for their exceptional commitment to quality patient care and the spirit of teamwork and professionalism they bring every day to their hospitals and our health care organization as a whole,” says Jones.

UM SRH Nursing Administration nominees:

  • For the Leadership Award – Chanelle Lake and Tracy Roe

UM Shore Medical Center at Chestertown nominees:

  • for the Mentorship/Advocacy Award – Eden Kinser and Cassandra Price
  • for the Commitment to Others Award – Christopher Burk and Kayla Toulson

UM Shore Medical Center at Dorchester nominees:

  • for the Commitment to Others Award – Lauren Bennett, Nichole Calloway, and Leslie Fox
  • for the Professional Nursing Practice Award – Sarah Britt and Laura Jackson
  • for the Mentorship and Advocacy Award – Christie McDowell and Ann Robinson
  • for the Promising Professional Award – Chelsea Compton.

 UM Shore Medical Center at Easton nominees:

  • for the Leadership Award –  Mary Collins, Nicole Leonard and Tabitha Nowottnick
  • for the Commitment to Others Award –  Rebecca Hutchison, Shelby Sadler, and Karen Van Trieste
  • for the Mentorship and Advocacy Award – Teresa Manship, Jessica Pretzler, and Keri Tucker
  • for the Professional Nursing Practice Award –  Kelsey Mills-Brooks and Dawn Ruby

UM Shore Emergency Center at Queenstown nominees:

  • for the Commitment to Others Award, Anne George
  • for the Professional Nursing Practice Award, Lisa Lisle

Nominees for the Unit/Department Award for Empirical Outcomes:

  • 2 East Multi Specialty Care, UM Shore Medical Center at Easton
  • Care Coordination Department, UM SRH
  • Intensive Care Unit, UM Shore Medical Center at Easton
  • Transitional Nurse Navigators, UM SRH

Birthing Center Wins Commendation from Maryland Patient Safety Center

On hand to receive the recognition banner from Maryland Patient Safety Director Robert Imhoff (far right, back) were ( l. to r.) Luanne Satchell, manager, Birthing Center; pediatrician Ahmed Gawad, MD; Aymee Gonzalez, RN, Myra Sisco, surgical tech; Carol Leonard, RN, lactation consultant; Debbie Correa, unit secretary; Linda Warren, RN, clinical coordinator; Sarah Hopkins, LCSW; Tammi Zalewski, RN; and Carol Rogers, RN, clinical coordinator.

The care team at the Birthing Center at UM Shore Medical Center at Easton was recently recognized by the Maryland Patient Safety Center (MSPC) for their success in implementing a program designed to standardize care and treatment of newborns with neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS).

“You can be very proud of your achievement in implementing this program, said Robert Imhoff, director, Maryland Patient Safety Center, to pediatrician Ahmed Gawal,, MD, Birthing Center Manager Luanne Satchell and several members of the Birthing Center team who were on hand for the presentation of a recognition banner from the Center. “Your success improves the quality and safety of care for infants born with neonatal abstinence syndrome.”

NAS occurs in newborns who were exposed to opiates, alcohol, narcotic or other drugs while in the mother’s womb. Newborns with NAS have physiologic and neurobehavioral signs, medical complications, increased chance of admission to an intensive care unit, and prolonged hospital stays (average of 26 days). With the rising rate of opiate and heroin addictions in Maryland, the number of infants born to substance using pregnant women has also increased, increasing the rate of babies born with NAS. In October of 2016, the MSPC began a two year initiative to standardize care and treatment of these infants.

The MPSC partnered with the Vermont Oxford Network (VON) to utilize their Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome State-Wide Implementation Package.  This partnership has provided collaborative participants with access to data-driven, action-oriented, education modules for improving outcomes and increasing the quality and safety of the care provided to infants with NAS and their families.  The goals of this two-year initiative include:

  • To decrease the length of stay for infants with NAS.
  • To decrease 30-day readmissions of infants with NAS.
  • To decrease the number of infants with NAS transferred from the birthing hospital to a higher level of care or specialty hospital for longer term care.


Chester River Health Foundation Awarded $25,000 State Tax Credits for 2019

The Chester River Health Foundation has been awarded a $25,000 allocation of Maryland state tax credits in support of its efforts to raise $200,000 to fund a new chemistry analyzer for the lab at UM Shore Medical Center at Chestertown. The credits were awarded by the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development’s Community Investment Tax Credit (CITC) program and must be sold by December 31, 2020.

“A chemistry analyzer is the backbone of all diagnostic laboratory work at every hospital,” said Margaret Pulleyn, site coordinator for the lab in Chestertown. “Presently, the hospital has three analyzer, two of which are nearing the end of their useful lives and must be replaced.”

“Our machines run 24/7/365 and test approximately 198 specimens each day; each specimen may include 10 individual components,” continued Pulleyn.  “Tests for virtually all emergency patients, lab outpatients and all inpatients are run on this equipment, which also performs all blood tests for Hepatitis and HIV for the Shore Regional Health system.”

The sale of these tax credits will help the Foundation fund the purchase of one replacement machine that will perform a higher volume and a broader menu of tests than the two machines it will replace.

“The Community Investment Tax Credit program has afforded the Foundation the opportunity to forge new and renewed relationships with people and businesses in our community,” says Maryann Ruehrmund, CFRE, executive director. “In recent years, this program has helped fund the purchase of 10 suites of patient room furnishings and all new laparoscopic equipment for the operating rooms. Nearly every patient receiving care at UM Shore Medical Center at Chestertown has benefitted from this program.”

These tax credits are offered to individuals and businesses who make a donation at the $1,000 level or above and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. The credits offset any Maryland state tax owed on a 50% basis meaning, a $1,000 donation earns $500 of actual state credits.

“The credits are offered in addition to any deduction taken for making a charitable gift – or in addition to the standardized deduction,” Ruehrmund said. “I encourage anyone who is interested to contact me quickly as the credits sell fast.”

For more information or to secure an allocation of credits, please call the Chester River Health Foundation,  (410) 810-5660