Wristbands Replace Sign-In Books for Patient Visitors

In the interest of maintaining providing a safe and secure environment for our patients, visitors, volunteers, and team  members, a new system is in place for identifying visitors to UM Shore Medical Centers at Chestertown, Dorchester and Easton.

The visitor sign-in books have been removed from the reception desks in the hospital lobbies and visitors are now given gold wristbands that include the hospital room number of the patient they are visiting. Unit staff should be on the lookout to make sure that visitors to their units are wearing appropriate wristbands.

This is for visitors to patients only; vendors and contractors will not receive wristbands but will be directed as follows:

  • Vendors arriving for appointments will be routed  through the Materials Management Department to ensure the vendor is registered (any questions, please contact Chris Difatta).
  • Contractors arriving for an appointment or to do work will be routed through the Plant Operation Department to sign in/out and review applicable policies for the purpose of maintaining safety.