UM SRH and A. F. Whitsitt Center Partner to Facilitate Substance Abuse Treatment

The A. F. Whitsitt Center in Chestertown

University of Maryland Shore Regional Health has entered into an agreement with the A. F. Whitsitt Center to collaborate in providing expedited substance abuse treatment for patients who present in the UM SRH emergency departments due to overdose and/or are admitted to inpatient care for stabilization after overdose. This agreement will improve patient access to much needed rehabilitative care that provides a stronger footing for recovery.

Located at 300 Scheeler Road in Chestertown, the A. F. Whitsitt Center is a 24-hour, seven-day-a-week residential treatment facility offering treatment to adults ages 18 and over suffering from chemical dependency and co-occurring disorders. The Center’s professional treatment team is comprised of nurses, addiction counselors and a staff physician as well as a social worker, a care coordinator and a psychiatrist. The team provides a complete program tailored to the needs of each patient. Patients’ length of stay varies and  referral to sober living housing if offered as needed. The Center also offers a medically monitored detoxification for alcohol, opiate and/or benzodiazepine dependent individuals.

The agreement between UM SRH and the Whitsitt Center is designed to ensure that whenever possible and appropriate, patients with severe substance use disorders have access to direct hospital-to-rehabilitation transfers upon discharge from emergency or inpatient care at UM Shore Medical Centers at Chestertown, Dorchester and Easton, and UM Shore Emergency Center at Queenstown.

Under the terms of the the agreement, UM SRH emergency and inpatient care physicians and advanced care providers identify patients in any UM SRH facility who would benefit from and agree to inpatient drug rehabilitation treatment at the Whitsitt Center. Patients appropriate for transfer to the Whitsitt Center have received post-opioid overdose treatment in the Emergency Department and/or has been admitted to a medical unit for treatment and stabilization of conditions related to addiction/substance abuse. They must also have voluntarily agreed to treatment at the Whitsitt Center. UM SRH providers will also facilitate transfer arrangements and make sure that patients are are appropriated stabilized for transfer. A. F. Whitsitt Center 

A. F. Whitsitt Center staff and Kent County Recovery Support team will make every effort to facilitate referrals and admission for referred patients in the next available treatment opening, usually to commence within 48 hours.