Medical Abbreviations Now Listed on Wave Length Intranet

UM Shore Regional Health now has access to the approved Medical Abbreviations book online This exciting new online feature provides a high-speed search engine to find the meaning(s) of an abbreviation, all the abbreviations that contain a particular word, trade/generic drug names, symbols and numbers, tables and lists, and the National Laboratory Values. Each week approximately 20 new entries are added to the site. Clicking on any word or drug name will connect you to the Wikipedia definition/monograph.

You can access the site by clicking on Medical Abbreviations under the Staff Quick Links from the Wave Length intranet homepage. Access can be made from most devices including but not limited to iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, BlackBerry, and DROID. But please remember the UM SRH Intranet is not accessible outside of the UMMS network.

Another special feature is the Do Not Use List button. This will take you directly to UM Shore Regional Health’s prohibited abbreviations, acronyms, symbols, and dose designations that are identified in Policy IM-29, Dangerous Abbreviations, pursuant to Joint Commission compliance.