Executive & Leaders Rounding Update


The second Executive & Leaders Rounding Event was held on July 17, reports Jo Anne Thomson, director, of patient experience and practice innovation for UM Shore Regional Health. The Executive  & Leader teams visited the following areas:   Ambulatory Surgery Center; SMC at Chestertown Medical Surgical Unit, SMC at Dorchester Facilities Department; SMC at Easton Birthing Center, Pharmacy and 2nd floor Medical Surgical Unit.

Once again, Shore Regional Health leaders received valuable feedback from team members. Topics discussed at each location included what we do well, what we need to improve and identification of issues that may harm patients and/or team members, and issues that need to be addressed right away.

Below are highlights from the comments received:

People Mentioned as Deserving Recognition

  • ASC
    • Leadership – always willing to pitch in at times of high volume
    • SMC at Chestertown Medical Surgical Unit
      • Nurse Manager – Sandy Prochaska, Sarah Postles, Cassandra Price, Karen Hemmingway, Barb Etchison, Angel Clark, all patient care techs.
      • Radiology and Lab Departments
      • Lab
  • SMC at Dorchester – Facilities
    • All team members
  • SMC at Easton Pharmacy
    • All staff – the staff work well as a team
  • SMC at Easton 2 Medical Surgical unit
    • All staff – work well as a team and if conflict arises, staff pull together to address issues
  • SMC at Easton – Birthing Center
    • All team – work well together

What We Do Well

Comments from these areas highlighted several themes. The most frequently mentioned was that of teamwork with comments such as, “Team Work – is unbelievable.” Another theme emerged around responsiveness to patient needs, support from leadership.  Patient safety concerns also addressed by several areas, included medication safety with scanning of medications, and the focus on monitoring and addressing any patient safety issues immediately.  New initiatives such as bedside shift report and change to charge nurse were also identified as things we do well and were noted to result in improved care.

Sampling of Issues Identified and Resolved or in Process Toward Resolution

  • Isolation Signs – New signs are now available and have been regionalized.
  • Front Entrance stairs at DGH – Funding to fix the front stairs at DGH was approved during the capital budget process. Work expected to begin August 2017.
  • ASC – Trees around building to be trimmed this week; Obtaining quote for alternative ground cover to remove stone which is an issue for patient wheelchairs
  • Alerts in Meditech for uncoded allergies – end user will receive the alerts as a safety feature.
  • Transfer to tertiary centers – University of MD – This has been identified as an ongoing issue. Dr. Huffner and Dr. Weinstein are currently working with UMMS to improve this process.
  • SMC at Easton, 2 MSCU bathroom doors – Reviewing options to address bathroom doors that stick.
  • SMC at E 2 MSCU patient room temperature – Facilities are available during the day to adjust the temperature. Training has taken place for 2 MSCU night staff to adjust the temperatures during the night shift.

This Month

August Executive & Leader Rounds will take place on Wednesday, August 17, 2016.  The schedule is as follows:

exec rounding update