Compliance Unlocked: UMMS Compliance Week Challenge

This week (November 5 – 9) is Compliance Week! The Corporate Compliance and Business Ethics Group (CCBEG) is celebrating with a variety of activities, including a virtual “Escape Room” breakout challenge, to reinforce the importance of compliance in all aspects of patient care.Look out for CCBEG representatives rounding on your unit, where you can:

  • Ask questions about compliance
  • Get to know your Compliance and/or Privacy Officers
  • Play the virtual “Escape Room” challenge to earn a variety of prizes, including pens, badge reels, and bike flashlights

Play the virtual Escape Room breakout challenge online at any time or in-person with a CCBEG representative by Friday, November 9 to win a prize. Once you have completed the challenge, email with your name, department, and hospital name to claim your prize.

Be on the lookout for a Compliance representative in your area!