Auxiliary of Memorial Hospital at Easton Volunteers Honored for Service Milestones

Members of the Auxiliary of Memorial Hospital at Easton were honored for their service milestones at the Auxiliary’s annual volunteer luncheon. Held on October 18, 2018 at the Tred Avon Yacht Club in Oxford, Md., the occasion celebrated 56 volunteers whose combined total hours in the service of the Auxiliary exceeded 198,000 as of May 31, 2018.

“Each year the auxiliary dedicates thousands of hours to benefit patient care at Shore Medical Center at  Easton and numerous outpatient locations,” says Patti Willis, senior vice president, Strategy and Communications, UM Shore Regional Health. “Whether raising funds, answering phones, conducting screenings or helping patients find their way, our volunteers play a vital role in UM Shore Regional Health’s mission of Creating Healthier Communities Together.”

The Auxiliary raises funds through its management of Maggie’s Gift Shop in UM Shore Medical Center at Easton, the Bazaar at 121 Federal Street and various special vendor sales. Funds raised help pay for new technology, facility upgrades and educational needs for the hospital and local outpatient facilities, including the Clark Comprehensive Breast Center and the Cancer Center. Auxiliary volunteers also assist with services such as wheelchair and patient escorts, blood pressure screenings and front desk reception in the hospital and in various outpatient locations.

Volunteers honored at the luncheon were those who had achieved service milestones ranging from 100 hours to 18,000 hours, as follows:

100 hours: Suzie Brannegan, Jane Ernst, Jack Lane, Gabrielle May, Krishna Patel, Mike Scheidt, Judy Smith, Debbie Watson

250 hours: Jane Holly, Kathy Hotz, Kirstie Kingston, Dan Mautz, Pat O’Shea

500 hours: Bea Juliano, Diane Ries, Sherry Spencer, Bryant Wheeler

750 hours: Phyllis Matthai, Mary McArtor, Bonnie Messix, Val Tate

1,000 hours: Robert Gretzinger, Leslie Leadbeater, Barbara Nickerson, Janet Pfeffer

1,500 hours: Patricia Collins, George King, Daniel Tanner

2,000 hours: Mary Ann Ray

2,500 hours: Rae Bathgate, Liz Hannegan, William Hough, Annabel Lesher, Donald O’Brien, Nancy Wolf

3,500 hours: Nancy Espenhorst, Margaret Gree

4,000 hours: Ruth Cecil

4,500 hours: Regina Holland, William Jenkins, Anita Rowan

5,500 hours: Art Cecil, Brenda Prettyman

6,000 hours: Barbara Brown, Janet Granger

6,500 hours: Celia Bodmer, Patsy Fearins

7,000 hours: Joyce Kent

7,500 hours: Carolyn Behr

9,000 hours: Gail Jenkins

9,500 hours: Sabine Simonson, Terry Stephan

12,000 hours: Elva Pierce

14,500 hours: Joe Schultz

16,000 hours: Margaret Blair

20,000 hours: Pauline Lane