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A Message Regarding EPIC from Ken Kozel

Yes, EPIC is our new favorite four letter word! You should know that a focused team of organizational leaders is pressing to the finish line to finalize outstanding issues, identify any remaining concerns and establish ongoing tracking and follow up while EPIC becomes the “new normal.”

A large and diverse team of departmental leaders and Information Technology/EPIC experts, led by me, meets every week to focus on the remaining issues identified in the EPIC tracking grid as critical, high, medium and low priority issues. This EPIC Follow-up Task Force has established the following goals and is already achieving success through focused clinical and operational services SWOT teams, including those in lab, radiology, cardiology, Diagnostic and Imaging Center, Pre-Admission Testing/OR, cardiac rehabilitation, community providers, infusion, patient transfers, and charge entering. In Cardiology, for example, 17 outstanding issues were identified, some fixed right away, and the remainder set for completion within the next 10 days.

In just one week of intensive follow up, more than 54 of the 191 open issues are now resolved, more than half of those in the high priority category.

The Task Force goals are:

  1. Set a focused process in place to identify and address all critical and high priority items by the end of February
  2. Follow this process to focus upon and address medium and low priority items on a continuing basis until no further such items exist
  3. Communicate the process for submitting tickets that notify IT of new or episodic issues, using the HELP DESK to alert and to identify priorities. Tickets in the Help Desk que will be addressed by priority, as determined by the reporting department and IT, as well as the EPIC Follow-up Task Force.

If you have an EPIC issue, please use the HELP DESK to log your problem. The HELP DESK can be reached via a link on the UM SRH intranet, WAVELENGTH (look under Staff Quick Links, then IT Helpdesk), or by an email to or phone message at extension 4357. To help you determine when it is appropriate to simply enter a concern at Help Desk, consider whether it is a rather routine situation (such as needing to reset a password) versus a work flow issue involving EPIC or another IT service. For the former, use Help Desk. For the latter, please discuss with your manager or director before submitting a ticket, to avoid duplicate orders and to better coordinate issue resolution.

Thanks to all for your patience and commitment to help us fully implement EPIC, and for appreciating the impact it has on improving quality and providing safer patient care. I am confident that in a very short while, EPIC will be the tool we prefer and are effectively using to connect us as a health care system with all the places our patients access care.

Thank you.


Get Inspired, Get Involved: Tell Us Who, What, Where?

Have you seen our new Shore Regional Health television commercial? Check it out here:

We are proud to share this with you and hope you find it as inspirational to watch as it was to produce. We worked with our shared services Communications and Marketing colleagues in Baltimore, filmed it all on the Eastern Shore and utilized almost entirely our own staff.

Now it’s your opportunity to get involved …

Can you name which team members are featured in the spot and where on the eastern Shore the scenes were filmed?

Send an email with your answers, name and contact details to, or send them to Trena Williamson, Communications & Marketing via internal mail — or put your answers in the submission boxes located in each of the hospital cafeterias.

The contest will close of Friday, March 1, 2019. The winner will be randomly picked from the entries and will receive a Shore Regional Health embroidered polo shirt.

UM SRH Needs Your Input … Take the Survey!

Help build a healthier community by completing the University of Maryland Shore Regional Health Survey! Your participation in this online survey will help UM SRH provide much-needed outreach and wellness programs to help keep you and your family as healthy as possible.

Click here to access the survey:

Please complete it by February 28, 2019 — and feel free to forward to your friends and relatives for their participation. Survey results are confidential. We value your input!