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Changes to Grapevine Café Breakfast Pricing

EASTON CAFETERIA ONLY … Please be aware that beginning October 16, hot breakfast items from the grill (such as eggs, chipped beef, etc.) will be self-service and priced by the ounce. Hot items will be weighed and priced at .39 cents per ounce. The only exception will be bacon, which will continue to be .94 cents for two slices. Food service is making this change to give the morning cook additional time to prepare more items on the griddle.

UMMS Wi-Fi Network Change

Over the past few years, there has been a significant increase in the number of cyber-attacks on Health Care Systems. At this time, we are implementing new secured wireless networks that will reduce security risks and increase functionality. As of Wednesday, October 18, 2017 your site’s guest Wi-Fi network will change to UMMS_GUEST.

UM SRH Units and Departments Go Purple for Addictions Awareness

UM Shore Regional Health team members from all over the five-county region showed their support for Talbot Goes Purple and addictions awareness by “going purple” on Tuesday, September 19.

In addition to the excellent turnout for the Star Democrat photographer in front of the hospital at 12 noon, “purple people” all around the system took a moment to share their photographs with Compass. Participating departments included UM Shore Medical Center at Dorchester, Shore Rehab at Cambridge, Shore Rehab at Queenstown, Acute Rehab at Easton, Acute Rehab at Dorchester, Shore Home Care, Lab Services at Chestertown, the Neuro unit at Easton, the Diagnostic and Imaging Center and UM CMG – Pediatrics.

Thanks to all for showing your support and highlighting UM Shore Regional Health’s role in combatting substance abuse and addiction.

Bolowsky recognized as Everyday Hero


Front: patient (Leonard Pajula) and daughter (Laura Heikes)
From left to right, middle row: Sara Pender, Maryanne Williams, Margaret Wood, Victoria Bolowsky, Jessica Denny, Marianna Edmonston
From left to right, back row: DeDee Cole, Deb Medford, Donna Martin, Teresa Blem, Shawne Davis, Graham Lee, Cassandra Kinser, Diego Guzman

Victoria Bolowsky, Speech Language Pathologist, was recently recognized as an Everyday Hero by the family of Leonard E. Pajula. Mr. Pajula suffered a stroke and underwent treatment at the Requard Rehabilitation Center (5th Floor). The family noted that they were grateful to Victoria and the entire rehabilitation team for bringing him back to a normal daily routine.

The Everyday Hero program provides patients, visitors and staff members with the opportunity to recognize and thank any member or team at UM Shore Regional Health, who made a positive difference in a visit or stay, by making a financial contribution of any size to the UM Memorial Hospital Foundation or the UM Chester River Health Foundation. Funds received through the Everyday Hero program are used for equipment, capital improvements and staff education for the departments in which the employees or team work.