Above & Beyond

The following reports from patients and family members reaffirm
our staff’s commitment to teamwork and putting our patients’ needs first.
Please take a minute to say THANKS!

I had a total knee replacement, Andrea from Shore Home Care was my physical therapist. She was excellent. She knew what I was capable of doing and she pushed me to that point. We never over-did it but I feel because of Andrea that I have come as far as I have today. I would rate Andrea five stars!


I had the best experience for my surgery from Dr. Lilly, my recovery nurse, all the other nurses and others who assisted with my care at Shore Medical Center at Easton. On a scale of 01 to 100 I give them 200. Thanks to all persons who tended to me.


Shore Emergency Center at Queenstown gave me the best care I ever had in an emergency department, Dr. Eric Green was very caring. Then I was transported to BWMC.