Above & Beyond

The following reports from patients and family members reaffirm our staff’s commitment to teamwork and putting our patients’ needs first.
Please take a minute to say THANKS!

Having just finished radiation treatments at your facility, I felt it incumbent on me to share my experience at the Requard Radiation Oncology Center.

In the 45 years I have been working, I have held many positions and encountered all walks of life. I am a retired air traffic controller from Andrews AFB, I was also in FAA management and was the lead instructor for Air Traffic Control at Andrews. In my career field we were held to sometimes impossible standards.

The reason for this letter is that I believe that credit should be given where credit is due. Your staff, including John Daly, Victoria, Lauren, Ashley, Kathleen, Christa and Candice, are an amazing group. Every single one of them did an outstanding job throughout the 44 times I came there. They are a professional, competent, courteous and friendly group. I was always greeted with a smile and my care and comfort were always their concern, And they all get along!! When I left, I got handshakes and hugs from all of them.

By far, your staff exceeded my expectations…. From my perspective, this group deserves special recognition.


I want to thank Shore Home Care’s Charlie Moore for helping me get rid of my back pain and for the helpful exercises to strengthen my muscles. When I was released from Rehab I was still in a lot of pain and on strong pain medicine. Within a week of working with Charlie, I had decreased my pain medicine until I was taking none and I felt so much better!

Also, I thank him for his encouragement along the way. I thank God for sending Charlie to me because he knew how to realign my pelvis, which really relieved the pain — no one else had figured that out.


The Emergency Department at Shore Medical Center at Dorchester took me right away due to my heart problem. I knew many of the nurses – so they explained the tests needed and then the results, consulted Cardiology & transferred me to Easton. Even when the ER got busy – I was not neglected. I have always been impressed with the personnel at Dorchester.


I had a very nice stay in acute care at Shore Medical Center at Chestertown, the care was great and I was very pleased with the nurses and doctors. It is a good place to be when you are sick, and I let people know!