Above & Beyond


The following reports from patients and family members reaffirm our staff’s commitment
to putting our patients’ needs first. Please take a minute to say THANKS!

A bit of a rambling note regarding wonderful experience I had at UM Shore Medical Center at Easton in June. I want you to know that the staff, MD and nurses could not have been more wonderful. I am a visitor passing through on this Eastern Shore. The fates could not have smiled upon me in a better way. Finding Dr. Kurtom on 6/06 and heading with him and his team into surgery on 6/14 was the best possible care I could get anywhere, I truly do believe. Everyone, including Chuck down in MRI, with their technical expertise and knowing, caring assurance made the entire experience run smoothly and efficiently … My night nurse, Ed, was like an angel sent from above and Sydney swiftly moved me from point A to B with charm and friendly banter.

I think there are no strangers in Easton or maybe just in your hospital, they are a very lucky town to have you. Your staff is caring, friendly and polite and they don’t even know me…. My day nurse was great and physical therapy let me go after a day so I can recoup on the healing shores of the Chesapeake Bay.… Again thank you, thank you, and give your people some much earned praise – they are the true healers of the world.


So I had been having some minor heart problems lately. Dr. Benjamin Remo and his team from Shore Regional Health performed an ablation on me. The outcome was fantastic! I feel 20 years younger! We are all very lucky to have such amazing physicians right here in Easton!


I had a C Section in the Birthing Center in June … of course it’s a time-taking recovery. You have a really amazing nursing staff, every department is doing a fantastic job. I really appreciate every help you have given me and just want to say thanks & congratulations to the whole crew of Shore Regional Health.


Your Shore Home Care staff members are wonderful. Diana Miller calls me even when she’s off. Charlie Moore is like an old friend – he teaches us and never makes us feel stupid. There is nothing you could do to make our care any better than it is!