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Above & Beyond: Saluting Our Veteran Staff and Volunteers

UM Shore Regional Health is proud to honor our 128 team members and volunteers who have served our country through military service. Your service and the sacrifices you have made to defend American values of freedom and democracy, at home and abroad, are deeply appreciated.


Thanks to all who assisted in compiling this list. If your information or that of someone you know is missing or incorrectly identified, please notify Kate Gallagher,
at your earliest convenience.


  • Deedra Abner, MSN, RN-BC, U.S. Army National Guard, 1988-98
  • Eric Anderson, MD, FAPA, U.S. Army, 1988-89, Infantry; U.S. Navy, Flight Surgeon, 1995-2009; U.S. Air Force, Flight Surgeon, 2016-present
  • Tracy Anthony, U.S Navy/Army National Guard, 1987-98
  • Harry Auman, U.S. Air Force, 1961-65
  • Juanita Barrett, U.S. Army Reserve, 1976-79
  • Patricia Barringer, U.S. Air Force , 1979-84
  • Jeff Biele, LCPC, U.S. Army Infantry, 1999-2000
  • Deborah Bland, RPSGT, RST, RRT, Sergeant, U.S. Air Force, Andrews Air Force Base, 1986-90
  • Charles Boltz RT(MR)(CT),CNMT, Mechanic, U.S. Air Force, 1990-94
  • Penny Boyle, BSN, RNIII, CNOR, U.S. Army Nurse Corps, 1991-2012
  • Robert J. Brake, Sgt, U.S Marine Corps, 2008-16
  • Tyrus Brannock, U.S. Army, 1974-77
  • Charles Brennick, U.S. Navy, 1985-91
  • Scott Burgess, LCpl, U.S. Marine Corps, 1990-95, Desert Storm
  • Jewell R. Camper, U. S. Army Reserves, 1981-87
  • Richard Duane Cespedes, MD, Colonel, U.S. Air Force, 1985-2009
  • David Clarkson, DPM, U.S. Navy Submarine Service, Submarine Fire Control, 1986-95; the U.S. Army National Guard; Combat Medical, 1995-2002
  • Catherine Clayton, RN, SSG, U.S. Army National Guard, 2001-present, Iraq and Afghanistan
  • Joseph M. Curley, U.S. Air Force, 1974-78
  • Allen Curry, Cpl, U.S Army Reserves, 2010-16, Operation Enduring Freedom
  • Lori D’Ambrosio, BSN, RN, PCCN, U.S. Army, 1984-90
  • Robert Desverreaux, MD, Lt. Col, U.S., Air Force — currently active
  • Mark P. Downey, Commander, U.S. Navy, Submarine and Diving Medical Officer, 1984-1994
  • Timothy Dotson, U.S. Army, 1987-91, Gulf War
  • Wayne Dyott, U.S. Navy, 1971-75, Vietnam
  • Jeffrey Etherton, MD, U.S. Navy Reserves, 1998-2003
  • Christian T. Evans, MD, U.S. Air Force, 1984-93, Operation Desert Storm, 1991; Major, Chief of Diagnostics, Andrews Air Force Base.
  • Jack Evans III, Sgt, U. S. Army, 2006-10
  • Milton Ewing, Sr., U.S. Army, 1969-72; U.S. Army Reserves, 1973 -74; National Guard, 1974
  • Danny Finein, U.S. Marine Corps, 2005-10, Iraq
  • John P. Foley, MD, Col., U.S. Army, Retired, 1980-2005, Operation Iraqi Freedom Airborne and Air Assault Qualified
  • Mary Ellen Forbes, U.S. Army Reserves, 1980-81
  • Donna Frey, U.S. Air Force, 702/Personnel Administration Specialist, 1978-79
  • Helen Foxwell, RN, FN-A, U. S. Army, 1994-2000
  • Melvin J. Freeman, Specialist (E-4), U.S. Army, 1998-2001; Army Reserves, 2001-02; Sergeant (E-5), Army National Guard, 2002-06
  • Jeffrey A. Gall, MD, Sgt, U. S. Marine Corps Reserve, 1987-95
  • Tasha Garnsey, U.S. Air Force, 1986-92
  • Gregory Gibson, U.S. Army, 75th Rangers, 1971-74
  • Nelson H. Goldberg, MD, Lieutenant Commander, Public Health Service, N.I.H., N.C.I. Surgery Branch, 1975-77
  • Tom Gray, U.S. Marine Corps, 1979-83
  • Sheila Greenwood, RN-IV, BSN, CPHM, U.S. Army Reserve, Spec. 4-Medic, 1981-86
  • Ed Greer, U.S. Army, 1976-82
  • Anderson Griffith, MLS (ASCP), BS, U.S. Air Force, 1991-97
  • John C. Hagerstrom, Sergeant, U.S. Marine Corps, OIF, Iraq, Afghanistan, Active, 2003-07; Reserves, 2007, 2011
  • Charles Harding II, U.S. Marine Corps, 2001-06
  • Andrew Harris, MD, Commander, U.S. Naval Reserve, 1988-2015; Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm, 19-1991
  • Kenny Harris, Sr. S. Army National Guard, 2nd BN 115th INF 1981-87
  • Barbara Hendricks, U.S. Army, 1982-1986, White House Communications Agency
  • Kim R. Herman, MD, U.S. Army, 1974-76; U.S. Army Reserves, four years
  • Nichole Howard, U. S. Marine Corps, 2006-12
  • Robert Hurley, U.S. Navy, 1977-81
  • Rene Hynson, MT/CNA, U.S. Army, SPC, 2003-06
  • William E. Johnson, III, U S Marine Corps, 1994-98
  • Michael Joyce, MD, U.S. Marine Corps, 1967-70, Vietnam, 1968-70
  • Michael A. Karczewski, RN, BHRT, U.S. Army, 1968-70, Vietnam
  • Renee Kendrick, U.S. Air Force, Medic, 1987-91
  • Barbara Keirns, MD, Major, U.S. Army, 1998-2000
  • Matthew M. Kerr, Army National Guard, SGT, 1995-2002, Infantry
  • Barbara Keyser, U.S. Navy, five years
  • Ryan Killough, BSN, RN-III, CEN, NRP, U.S. Navy, 1992-94
  • Tisha Klopp, U.S. Navy, 1997-2002
  • Rebekah Kroeger, CNM, U.S. Navy, 1994-2000
  • Stephen Ladwig, MD, USS Hunley AS-31, Medical Officer, Lt. USNR, 1973-1975.
  • Kyle J. Lambert, BSN, RN, CCRN, U.S. Army, Sergeant, 1993-99
  • Beth Laramore, MSN, RN, U.S. Air Force, 1989-95, Desert Storm; U.S. Army, 1995-2001
  • David Lee, U.S. Air Force, 1965-70; U.S. Army, 1970-72
  • Brian Leutner, U.S. Army NATO Command, 1987-90; Army National Guard, 1991-93; U.S. Army Reserves, 1994-95
  • Christopher S. Levey, MD, Lieutenant Commander, Medical Corps, U.S. Navy, 1988-2000
  • Lee Lewis, MSA, CCS, U.S. Navy, 1979-87
  • Richard J. Mason, MD, LCDR USN, 1983-1997; Flight Surgeon USMC, MEU SOC Desert Storm 1988-1991; Orthopaedic Surgeon, 1991-1997
  • Tony McDuffie, U.S. Army National Guard, 1979-86
  • Valerie McFadden, RRT, RPSGT, U.S. Army Reserves, 1989-94, Operation New Dawn, Operation Desert Shield/Storm; 2005-present, 1st Sergeant, U.S. Air Force Reserves.
  • Lillie Miller, BS, RRT, U.S. Army, 1976-96
  • Anthony Moorman, MD, U.S. Army, 1990s
  • Joseph Morrow, U.S. Navy, Airman E-2, USS Independence (CV-62) Aircraft Carrier, 1972 -74
  • Rahim Muhammed, U.S. Army, 1977-82
  • Diane Murphy, DHA, MSEd, BSN, Lieutenant, U. S. Navy Nurse Corps, 1979-1989
  • Rodger Pinder, U.S. Air Force, 1970-73
  • Frank Piver, U.S. Navy, 1981-1986 (plus reserve years)
  • Jean Player, RN, ET3, U.S. Coast Guard, 1984-86
  • Peyman Otmishi, MD, U.S. Air Force, three years
  • Andy Robinson, U.S. Army, U.S. Marine Corps, National Guard, Army Reserves, 1972–79 and 1994-96
  • Steve Rogers, U.S. Navy, 1974-85
  • Tod Sackett, U.S. Army, 2005-12, Special Forces Medical Sergeant; U.S. Army National Guard, 2012-present
  • Robert B. Sanchez, MD, LCDR, U.S. Navy Medical Corp, 1974-87
  • Stephen Sauter DO, Brigadier General, U.S. Army 1987-92, Army Reserves, 1993-2017; Operation Desert Shield/Storm, 1991; Operation Iraqi Freedom, 2003 and 2005; Operation Enduring Freedom, 2006 and 2016
  • Marvin Scott, U.S., Marines, 1980-87
  • Edmond Seebode, Chief Petty Officer, U.S. Coast Guard, 1979-99
  • Elvis M. Sharpe, U.S. Marine Corps, 1969-71
  • Stephen Sheedy, U.S. Navy, 1996-2006.
  • Frank Siegfried , S. Navy, 1985-93
  • David B. Simmons, 1st Lieutenant, U.S. Army Special Forces, 1968-1971
  • Diane Y. Soone, U.S. Army, 1991-94
  • David Smack, MD, Major, U.S. Army Medical Corp, 1989-97
  • Deborah Smith, RT, SSGT, U.S. Air Force, 1986-90; U.S. Air Force Reserves – Desert Storm, 1991
  • Roger Smith, 1SG (Ret), U.S. Army 1979-83; Army National Guard, 1983-2014
  • John Snell, MD, U.S. Army 1974-1977; U.S. Air Force 1990-93, Desert Storm
  • Dan Spielman, U.S. Marine Corps, 1979-83
  • JD Stacy, U.S. Navy, 1962-65 and 1969-97
  • Cornell Stanley, U.S. Marine Corps, 1988-92
  • Bryan Stokes, U.S. Army National Guard, 1981-2003
  • Kevan Sullivan, U.S. Navy, 1990-94
  • Barbara Takano, U.S. Army, 1973-95
  • Glenn Takano, U.S. Army, nine years
  • Rick Todd, U.S. Navy, 1981-85
  • Debra Van Dyke, MS, BSED, BSN-RN, LCDR, Nurse Corp, U.S. Navy Reserves, 2008-Present; Army National Guard, 2000-08; U.S. Navy, 1995-2000.
  • Katherine Ward, U.S. Navy, 1995-2000, Hospital Corpsman
  • Bruce Webb – U.S. Army, Vietnam, 1968–70
  • Katherine “Lisa” Webb, MD, U.S. Air Force, 2005-09
  • David C. White, MD, Major, U.S. Army, 1988-2000, Desert Storm
  • Stanley Wilcox, MSgt Retired, U.S. Air Force, 1978-2003
  • Gary Wilkinson, U.S. Army, 1990-95
  • Victoria Wilmer, U.S. Air Force, 1986-95
  • Calvin Wilson, U.S. Army, 1972-75

CHESTERTOWN AUXILIARY Jack Edson, U.S. Navy, SK3, USS Taconic AGC 17, 1956-58

  • Jack Edson, U.S. Navy, SK3, USS Taconic AGC 17, 1956-58
  • Charles E. Hawkins, III  1st LT, U.S. Army,1966-68, served in Vietnam with the 4th Infantry Division in the Central Highlands
  • Bob Scofield, U.S. Navy, 1970-71


  • LaVal “Dick” C. Boyce, Army/National Guard, 1960-66, Field Wire Crewman, Medic, Chaplain Assistant, Spec.5


  • Art Cecil, U.S. National Guard
  • Don Goodliffe, U.S. Army Reserves, 1966-72
  • Bob Gretzinger, U.S. Army, 1961-64
  • Bill Hough, U.S. Army 1954-56
  • Beverly O’Brien, U.S. Air Force Nurse, 1952-54
  • Don O’Brien, U.S, Air Force, 1950-55
  • Bob Savoie, U.S. Air Force, 1953-74
  • George Shoener, U.S. Army, LTC, 1961-89; Viet Nam, 1970-71
  • Joe Shultz, U. S. Air Force, Ret., CMSgt,1956-86
  • Dan Tanner, U.S. Army, 1948-52
  • Bryant Wheeler, U.S. Navy, 1963-84



Readmissions Matter: Conclusion from Ken Kozel

In Case you Missed it!

Click here to learn about all of the different initiatives happening all over UM Shore Regional Health to help reduce readmissions. Also listen to what key players at UM Shore Regional Health are saying about Readmissions Matter and how these intervention areas can benefit the organization.

  • Introduction – Ken Kozel, president and CEO, introduces the Readmissions Matter initiative and explains how these steps will benefit UM Shore Regional Health moving forward.
  • What are readmissions and why do they matter?Ken Kozel and Nancy Bedell, RN,MBA, regional director, Care Coordination, explains how UM Shore Regional Health benefits from reduced readmissions and how it can affect the organizations success.
  • Medication Matters (Part 1 and Part 2) – Nancy Bedell, RN,MBA, regional director, Care Coordination, speaks about medication reconciliation and how it affects readmissions.
  • What is Observation?Ruth Ann Jones, senior vice president of Patient Care Services and chief nursing officer, explains what observation means and how UM SRH can reduce readmissions by concentrating on this area.
  • It all starts in the hospitalDennis DeShields, MD, medical director, Shore Bay Hospitalists Associates, explains how clinicians can help care, treat and educate patients while in the hospital to help reduce readmissions after they are discharged.
  • Transitional Nurse Navigators and Healing at HomeWilliam Huffner, MD, chief medical officer and senior vice president, Medical Affairs, discusses the role of Transitional Nurse Navigators and the role they play in reducing admissions.
  • What Happens if the patient comes back? – Walter Atha, MD, medical director, Emergency Services , talks about patients who are readmitted and explains how assessing these patients when they come back in the ED can reduce the possibility of them returning.
  • The Journey Ahead – William Huffner, MD, chief medical officer and senior vice president, Medical Affairs, explains how these innitiaves moving forward will impact care at UM Shore Regional Health
  • The Importance of Readmissions MatterKen Kozel, president and CEO, explains why the Readmissions Matter initiative and quality of care is important to patients and the organization now, and moving forward.

Chestertown Hospital to Host Holiday Sale, November 16

The Chester River Health Foundation’s annual Holiday Gifts and Book Sale is set for Friday, November 16, 7 am to 4 pm in the Conference Center to benefit the hospital.

The Vendor is Collective Goods/Books Are Fun.  To preview the hundreds of products offered, visit

According to CRHF development specialist Deb Lauser, last year’s sale raised more than $2,000. This year’s proceeds will be dedicated to help fund the purchase a new 128 Slice CT Scanner and a new Chemistry Analyzer for UM Shore Medical Center at Chestertown.


Auxiliary of Memorial Hospital at Easton Kicks Off 35th Annual Tree of Lights

The Auxiliary of Memorial Hospital at Easton will kick off its 35th Annual Tree of Lights Campaign with a tree lighting ceremony on Tuesday, November 20 at 4 p.m., in front of University of Maryland Shore Medical Center at Easton. Contributions this year will support the funding of two treadmills for Cardiac Rehabilitation at UM Shore Medical Center at Easton.

“The two treadmills being replaced have been in service by our patients for over 20 years,” says Sally Worm, regional program manager, Cardiopulmonary Fitness and Wellness. “Treadmills in Cardiac Rehabilitation are the most utilized pieces of equipment and important for so many of our patients to improve their health and enhance their recovery. We really appreciate the Auxiliary for their work and making a difference for our patients.”

“Our goal for this year’s Tree of Lights campaign is $4,000,” comments Nancy Espenhorst, Tree of Lights chair for the Auxiliary.

For a contribution of $10 or more, a red or gold light may be purchased for the holiday tree in front of UM Shore Medical Center at Easton. Red lights are tributes to family members and friends, living or deceased. Gold lights honor loved ones serving in the military. A donation of $100 or more will purchase a white “Life Light,” that will be illuminated every year. The name of each person recognized through the purchase of any light will appear on scrolls displayed in the Medical Center throughout the holiday season.

The Auxiliary of Memorial Hospital at Easton is a volunteer organization that raises funds to benefit programs and services at UM Shore Medical Center at Easton and various outpatient locations of UM Shore Regional Health. For additional information about the 35th Annual Tree of Lights, contact Nancy Espenhorst, 443-746-3338 or by e-mail,

Mark Your Calendar: November 9 – 30, 2018


PRETTY PICKINS JEWELRY SALE – Wednesday, November 14, UM Shore Medical Center at Dorchester, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sponsored by the Dorchester Auxiliary to benefit hospital programs and services.

IN THE BAG SALE – Wednesday, November 14, UM Shore Medical Center at Easton, Health Education Center, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sponsored by the Easton Auxiliary to benefit hospital programs and services.

HOLIDAY GIFTS AND BOOK SALE – Friday, November 16, 7 a.m. – 3 p.m., UM Shore Medical Center at Chestertown, Education Center. Sponsored by the UM Chester River Health Foundation to benefit hospital programs and services.

UM Center for Diabetes and Endocrinology – Celebration: 10 Years of Caring for Patients in our Community – Friday, November 16, 1:30 to 3:30 p.m., UM Shore Medical Center at Easton, Nick Rajacich Health Education Center, Rooms C & D. Meet and talk with diabetes providers, educators and staff; hear from patients how the Center has helped them maintain optimal wellness; watch a food prep demonstration by Karen Hollis, RD, CD; learn about treatment options and resources for Diabetes Care; enjoy light fare refreshments. Please RSVP by 11/12/18, 410-822-1000, ext. 5186.


“Tax Reform: What Do the New Changes Mean to You?” – Saturday, November 17,10 a.m. to 12 p.m. at the Talbot County Free Library,100 West Dover Street in Easton. Topics include the reduction of tax rates, changes to deductible expenses, 20% pass through reduction, year-end planning strategies and estate and trust changes. Guest presenters: Darian L. Sump, CPA, owner of Sump & Associates, PC and Deborah Walsworth, CPA, CFP, CPC, managing director and tax practice leader, CBIZ MHM LLC & Mayer Ho­ffman McCann, PC. Limited seating; advance registration recommended. Contact:  Janet Andrews at (410) 822-1000, ext. 5792, or

BREASTFEEDING CLASS – Saturday, November 17, 9 a.m. to 12:15 p.m., Health Education Center, UM SMC at Easton, 219 S. Washington Street, Easton. Tips and techniques for breastfeeding and pumping, Free; to register, call, 410-822-1000, ext. 5200 and leave a message as instructed.

NOT ALL WOUNDS ARE VISIBLE,  A COMMUNITY CONVERSATIONPart II, “Talking About Depression, and Anxiety: Men, Seniors, Chronic Disease and Suicide Prevention” – Wednesday, November 28, 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. This event is open to the public and provides and opportunity to hear from and talk to health care professionals and community leaders about depression, anxiety and the road to recovery. It will be broadcast live from UMB Campus Center in Baltimore’ to register for the webcast, visit and click on Event Registration.

ELECTRONICS SALE– Wednesday, November 28, UM Shore Medical Center at Easton, Health Education Center, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sponsored by the Easton Auxiliary to benefit hospital programs and services.



  • Bridge Clinic Support Group – Every Tuesday, 6-7:30pm, UM Shore Medical Center at Dorchester. Free, confidential support group meeting for individuals who have been hospitalized for behavioral health reasons and could benefit from assistance with issues after discharge. Varied topics based on participants’ needs. Each participant may bring one family member. Info: 410-228-5511, ext. 2140.


  • Breastfeeding Support Group – Tuesdays, 11/6 and 20,10 to 11:30 a.m. The 11/6 group will meet in Classroom #4, 2nd floor, UM Shore Medical Center at Easton, 219 S. Washington Street, Easton (enter the main lobby, take the visitor elevator to the second floor, turn right and follow the signs.) The 11/20 group will meet in the Health Education Education Center.


  • Breast Cancer Support -Survivors Offering Support (SOS) – Free program pairing women who have breast cancer with mentors who are breast cancer survivors. If you need support or would like to become a mentor, call 410-822-1000, ext. 5866.
  • Cancer Support Group/Easton – Thursdays, 11/8 and 11/XX, Cancer Center, Easton. Information and support for patients at any stage – diagnosis, treatment, recovery and survivorship. Info: 443-254-5940.
  • Cancer Caregivers’ Coffee – Saturday, 11/10, 9-10:30 a.m., Cancer Center, EastonDiscussion of varied issues and challenges facing individuals and families assisting patients with cancer. Contact: Patty Plaskon, 410-820-6800, ext. 5361.
  • Cancer Support Group/Chestertown – Monday, 11/26, 7 pm, UM Shore Medical Center at Chestertown, Education Center. Information and support for patients at any stage – diagnosis, treatment, recovery and survivorship. Info: 410-778-7668, ext. 2175.


  • Free Blood Pressure Screenings/Easton & Cambridge – Easton: every Tuesday and Wednesday, 9am-12pm, Diagnostic & Imaging Center. Cambridge: every Tuesday & Friday, 11am-1pm, UM SMC at Dorchester, Main Lobby. (Excluding holidays.)


  • Diabetes Support Group/Easton —NO NOV. MEETING (Veteran’s day) — please see EVENTS regarding the Diabetes Open House on November 16; next meeting December 10, 2018 at 5:30pm  Talbot Senior Center 400 Brookletts Ave, Easton. Led by Karen Hollis RD, CDE. Please RSVP 410-822-1000, ext. 5188
  • Diabetes Support Group/Denton –  Thursday, 11/1, 5:30 p.m., St. Luke’s United Methodist Church, 100 S. 5th Avenue, Denton. Led by Karen Canter RN, CDE. Contact: 410-822-1000, ext. 5757.
  • Diabetes Support Group/ Cambridge – Wednesday, 11/28 , 6 p.m., Board Room, Shore Medical Center at Dorchester, 300 Byrn Street, Cambridge. Led by Wynne Aroom RN, MSN,CDE. Contact: 410-822-1000, ext. 5286.
  • Diabetes Support Group/Chestertown –  Tuesday, 11/27 at 6:30 p.m. Education Center, UM Shore Medical Center at Chestertown, 100 Brown St, Chestertown Led by Chrissy Nelson, BSN, RN, CDE. Contact: 410-778-3300, ext. 2175.


  • Mid-Shore Stroke Support Group – Thurs, 11/1/18 12-2pm, UM Shore Medical Center at Easton, 219 South Washington Street, Easton, 4th Floor Joint Replacement Center Conference Room. Deborah Weber, Manager, Intensive Outpatient Program, Shore Behavorial Health “Post Stroke Depression.” All stroke survivors and/or caregivers and family members are welcome. Info: Nicole Leonard 410-822-1000, ext. 5068 or
  • Queenstown Stroke Support Group – Tues, 11/27/18 12-2pm, UM Shore Pavilion at Queenstown, Suite 320. Holiday Celebration/Luncheon. All stroke survivors and/or caregivers and family members are welcome. Please RSVP to Nicole Leonard, 410-822-1000, ext. 5068 or

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  • Community Health Needs Assessment Survey
  • Celebrating Forensic Nurses Week
  • UM SRH Nursing Tech Interview Day
  • Safe Sitter Update
  • Cancer Caregiver’s Coffee
  • It’s (almost) that time of year – holiday shopping beckons!