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Above & Beyond

The following reports from patients and family members reaffirm
our staff’s commitment to teamwork and putting our patients’ needs first.
Please take a minute to say THANKS!

The home care I received from Shore Home Care was thoughtful, very helpful & very well handled. In particular, the physical therapist Lamont Thompson is an EXCELLENT communicator.


Great staff at Shore Rehab in Easton – they are on top of their game every time I am there. I feel privileged to have a therapist as skilled and diligent as Courtney.


The Emergency Department staff at UM Shore Medical Center at Easton was phenomenal that night. The triage nurse was fast and efficient and just scooped up my baby and started working on her while running us back to the ER where the doctor, several nurses, and the respiratory therapist were all right there. The respiratory therapist was incredibly helpful and did a great job. I really hope they can receive some serious kudos for how wonderful they were. Thank you so much!


Everyone at Shore Rehab at Queenstown is so welcoming – so helpful and friendly every time I went.  They deserve all the 5 stars in the world. The receptionist is so sweet, I always look forward to going!


The Leh Women’s Center at UM Shore Medical Center at Chestertown is a lovely space for both employees & patients! The woman at the registration desk had a ready smile which reflected the pride & enjoyment she found at her job. The facility is clean, warm & friendly. The entire staff is both welcoming and professional. Thank you!


My surgery and recovery at UM Shore Medical Center at Dorchester was a life-changing experience that I will cherish forevermore! Thanks on billions to Dr. William E. Bair, Cyndy M., Lawrence James, Jack Jews, Dr. John Snell, everyone on Dr. Bair’s team and the entire 3rd floor staff. You are wonderful!

HR News You Can Use: Maximize Your HR Connections Experience

HR Connections is more user-friendly and knowledge-packed than ever before.

Below are just some of the ways HR Connections makes your life easier.

You can view video tutorials to learn to how to use popular functions by accessing:

  1. Is your address correct for your W2 mailing? You can change that on HR Connections, plus adjust tax withholding or change direct deposit requests, no forms necessary! Click “Employee Self-Service” under the “Bookmarks” area at top-left corner of the home screen.
  2. Submit an AskHR ticket to ask an expert any time. Ask about general HR issues, payroll, benefits, leave and many more topics. You can also submit payroll adjustment forms and other documents directly to our Shared Services team through a ticket. Click “AskHR” under the photo at right!
  1. Print temporary insurance documents and order new insurance cards direct from Kelly Benefits by clicking “My Benefits” under “My HR Connections QuickLinks” on the home screen.
  2. Access our learning management system, UMMS U, directly through HR Connections. No second sign-in/password required.
  3. Touch “My Retirement” to be linked instantly to Prudential. Access your retirement portfolio and view your settings whenever and wherever it’s convenient for you.

Log in by clicking the HR Connections logo on Wavelength or visiting

Welcome, New Team Members

Front row: Heather Erickson, Mary Bedwell, Jessica Brittingham, Sarah Brown, Vanessa Jacobs, Honey Maloof, Katelyn Mcclanahan, Margaret Downey, Starr Turner, Lacey Vaughn and Keyonna Watson. Back row: Ashley Ford, Isabelle Bowers, Brent Garfield, Justine Lescheke, Breanna Butler, Leslie Clough, Gwendolyn Dashiell, Ian Passwaters, Luke Peirson and Heidi Stoltenberg

HR welcomed the following new team members at New Employee Orientation on January 8, 2018:

  • Mary Bedwell – LPN Supervisor, Shore Nursing and Rehab at Chestertown
  • Isabelle Bowers – Certified Nursing Assistant, Shore Nursing and Rehab at Chestertown
  • Jessica Brittingham – Nursing Tech, Multi Specialty Care, SMC at Easton
  • Sarah Brown – Telecommunication Attendant ,Admit/Registration, UM SRH
  • Breanna Butler – Staff Nurse,  Emergency Department, SMC at Easton
  • Leslie Clough – Quality of Life Coordinator, Social Services,Shore Nursing and Rehab at Chestertown
  • Gwendolyn Dashiell – Med Tech, Laboratory Services, SMC at Dorchester
  • Margaret Downey – Staff Nurse, UM SRH
  • Heather Erickson – Staff Nurse, Pediatric Care, SMC at Easton
  • Ashley Ford – Clinical Nurse Educator, Professional Nursing Practice, UM SRH
  • Brent Garfield – Staff Nurse, Emergency Department , SMC at Easton
  • Vanessa Jacobs – EVS Tech, Environmental Services, SEC at Queenstown
  • Justine Leschke – Radiation Therapist,  Cancer Center at UM SRH
  • Honey Maloof – Staff Nurse, Multi Specialty Care, SMC at Dorchester
  • Katelyn McClanahan – Medical Technologist, Laboratory Services, SMC at Easton
  • Ian Passwaters – Clinical Pharmacist, Pharmacy Services, SMC at Easton
  • Luke Peirson – Security Officer, Security, SMC at Chestertown
  • Heidi Stoltenberg – Multi-Modality Tech II, SMC at Easton, SEC at Queenstown
  • Starr Turner – Certified Nursing Assistant,Shore Nursing and Rehab at Chestertown
  • Lacey Vaughn – Medical Technologist, Laboratory Services, SMC at Dorchester
  • Keyonna Watson – Food Service Production, Food & Nutrition Services, SMC at Easton

Bonnie Hilghman Cancer Fund Continues Support for Wellness for Women Program

Front row: Wellness for Women community outreach workers Maria D’Arcy, Mattie Fountain and Jane Escher, community outreach workers; back row, Duane Hilghman, Brian Leutner, executive director, UM SRH Oncology Services, and F. Graham Lee, UM SRH vice president, philanthropy

University of Maryland Memorial Hospital Foundation received a donation of $9,000 from the Bonnie Hilghman Cancer Fund, in support of its 2017 golf tournament benefiting the Clark Comprehensive Breast Center at University of Maryland Shore Regional Health. Proceeds from the tournament, which took place in September, 2017, support the Wellness for Women program, an educational and breast screening program that promotes early detection of breast cancer.

The mission of the Bonnie Hilghman Cancer Fund is to help nonprofit organizations that provide services to cancer patients, including chemotherapy, necessary medications, transportation costs, child care, housekeeping or nursing care. Since 2005, the Fund has given more than $100, 000 in grants to help residents in the five county region served by UM Shore Regional Health who are fighting cancer.

“We cannot overstate the importance of the Bonnie Hilghman Cancer Fund’s ongoing support for cancer screening services and patient education,” said Graham Lee, vice president, Philanthropy, for UM Shore Regional Health. “Annual contributions from the Fund have helped thousands of women benefit from early detection screenings and patient education that are so important to survival.”

For more information, contact Duane Hilghman, 410-310-7696 or

Prudential Rep Visits Set for Chestertown, Dorchester and Easton – January through June, 2018

Be sure to take advantage of on-site visits from Prudential representatives to make the most of your retirement benefit planning. Scheduled visits are as follows:

UM Shore Medical Center at Chestertown – Cafeteria Meeting Room

  • Jan 23, 10am-3pm
  • Feb 27, 10am-3pm
  • Mar 27, 3-8pm
  • Apr 24, 10am-3pm
  • May 22, 10am-3pm
  • June 26, 3-8pm                 

UM Shore Medical Center at Dorchester

  • Jan 9, 10am-12pm, Solarium
  • Feb 13, 6-8pm, Board Room
  • Mar 13, 10am-12pm, HR Office
  • Apr 10, 10am-12pm, HR Office
  • May 8, 6-8pm, Board Room
  • Jun 12, 10am-12pm, HR Office

UM Shore Medical Center at Easton – 2 East 286 Patient Family/Library        

  • Jan 2, 6-8pm
  • Jan 16, 10am-12pm
  • Feb 6, 10am-12pm
  • Feb 20, 10am-12pm
  • Mar 6, 1-3pm
  • Mar 20, 10am-12pm
  • Apr 3, 6-8pm
  • Apr 17, 10am-12pm
  • May 1, 10am-12pm
  • May 15, 10am-12pm
  • June 5, 1-3pm
  • Jun 19, 10am-12pm

Diagnostic and Imaging Center

  • Jan 9, 1-3pm
  • Feb 20, 1-3pm
  • Mar 13, 1-3pm
  • Apr 17, 1-3pm
  • May 15, 1-3pm
  • Jun 12, 1-3pm

121 Federal Street- 2nd Floor/Shore Home Care Conference  Room

  • Jan 16, 1-3pm
  • Apr 3, 3-5pm

Cancer Center

  • Feb 6, 1-3pm
  • May 1, 1-3pm


  • Jan 2, 3-4:30 pm
  • Feb 13, 3-4:30 pm
  • Mar 20,1-3pm
  • Apr 10, 1-3pm
  • May 8, 3-4:30 pm
  • Jun 19, 1-3pm

Ambulatory Surgery Center

  • Mar 6, 10am-12pm
  • Jun 5, 10am-12pm


CRHC Auxiliary Holds Annual Meeting Celebrating Volunteer Service

Deborah Mizeur was guest speaker at the CRHC Auxiliary Annual Luncheon.

The Chester River Hospital Center Auxiliary held its annual meeting and luncheon on January 9, 2018, at Heron Point in Chestertown. In addition to various committee reports and service awards, the occasion included a presentation by Deborah Mizeur, co-chair of the Maryland Heath Care Commission’s Workgroup on Rural Health Care Delivery. Mizeur’s presentation addressed the process of the study, the specific area/challenges each of the subgroups worked on, the Workgroup’s final recommendations and report, and the next steps, which are presently under consideration by state legislators.

The meeting featured recognition for the Auxiliary volunteers who donated a total of 11,429 volunteer hours to UM Shore Medical Center at Chestertown during 2017, as follows: 1,478 hours in the Gift Shop; 3,948 hours at the Nearly New Shop; and 6,003 hours in patient transport/greeters/infusion clinic and surgical services.

Auxiliary members receive a gold star pin for each 500 hours of time volunteered. Those recognized for their service during 2017 are as below.


In house volunteers who received pins honoring their service as members of the CRHC Auxiliary. Shown are Jim Collier, Lois Smith, Ellie Noble, Kathy Davis, Phyllis Brown. Sue Mumford, Kathy Bacastow, and Mary Coryell

  • In-house volunteers (which include those serving transport, infusion clinic, surgical services and greets) who received pins for 500 hours of service were Kathy Bacastow, Phyllis Brown, Tish Brown, Jim Collier, Ann Davenport, Dick Jones, Sue Mumford, Ellie Noble and Lois Smith
  • Gift Shop Volunteers who received pins for 500 hours of service were Valerie Croft, Kathy Davis, Sue Edson, Veronica Gordon, Mickey Smith and Nan Voorhees
  • Nearly New Shop Volunteers who received pins* were Peggy Albertsen; Patsy Alverson; JoAnne Bowdle; Thelma Bright (2 pins); Ann Collins; Trish Harwood (3 pins); Irene Mench (2 pins), Ellie Noble; Marsha Oertly; Camille Ollincik; Nanny Porter (2 pins), Jane Presser (2 pins); Joanna Rash (3 pins); Marjo Rasin; Mary Robinson; Charlotte Slagle (2 pins); Joyce Smithson; Louise Stonesifer; Jeanette Stubbs; Sue Urda; and Kay Wilkinson. (*The Nearly New Shop volunteers had never been awarded service stars before so some individuals received more than one pin.)

CRHC Auxiliary volunteers for the Nearly New and Gift Shop who received pins for their service are shown with Molly Streit, manager, Gift Shop and nearly New Shop (at far left): Sue Urda, Valerie Croft, Joanna Rash, Kathy Davis, JoAnn Bowdle, Sue Edson, Patsy Alverson, Nan Voorhees, Camille Olinick, Mary Robinson, Ann Collins and Eleanor Noble.

Sue Mumford, right, with fellow Auxiliary member Kathy Davis.

Additionally, Sue Mumford was recognized for accumulating 4,164 hours of volunteer time and Carol Droge was recognized for volunteering the most hours in the year: 362 hours.

The Auxiliary now includes 115 members. In addition to raising funds to support patient care and professional development of hospital staff, the Auxiliary provides  greeting and reception assistance for patients and visitors in various departments of the hospital, holiday decorating and hospitality services. The Auxiliary also participates in the review of Kitty Clements, E. Thomas Massey and Barbara & Thomas Gale scholarship applications, which in 2017, provided a total of $11,528 to four hospital staff members pursuing certifications and/or degree programs in nursing and allied health fields.

Also in 2017, the Auxiliary’s “Wish List Committee” was allocated $25,000 by the Board to help fund the purchase of wheelchairs ($2,000), three vital signs monitors ($10,000) and laparoscopic equipment for the Operating Room ($13,000.)

The Executive Committee of the CRHC Board is as follows:

  • Sue Edson, President
  • Mackey Dutton, Vice President
  • Kathy Ruge, Recording Secretary
  • Paddy Tobey, Corresponding Secretary
  • Jean Anthony, Treasurer
  • Phyllis Brown, Parliamentarian
  • Jack Edson, Immediate Past President

Other Board members are: Meredith Acton, Alice Barron, Jo Ann Bowdle, Holly Bramble, Valerie Croft, Mary Coryell, Kathy Davis, Susan Drumheller, Erin Gillespie, Cathy Molz, Vicki Neal, Barbara Noll, Maryann Ruehrmund, Miki Smith, Molly Streit and Nan Voorhees.

“2017 was a very successful year for the Auxiliary and we are already up and running with projects for 2018,” comments Sue Edson, Auxiliary president. “We welcomed 10 new volunteers in 2017 but still have a wide range of volunteer duties to be filled. There is a lot of camaraderie and fellowship among our members and many who have joined have found it a great way to make new friends as well as to help our hospital serve our community.”

Annual dues for Auxiliary membership are just $10 for active volunteers and $25 for sustaining members. For more information, contact Erin Gillespie, membership chairperson,  (410) 708-0828.


Easton Auxiliary Donates Knitted Hats and Stockings for Newborns at the Birthing Center

(left to right) Luanne Satchell, RN, manager, Women’s and Children’s Health Services, Easton Auxiliary member Pauline Lane, volunteer chair, Pandora’s Box, Jennifer Hubbard, RN and Carol Rodgers, RN.

Newborns in the Birthing Center at UM Shore Medical Center at Easton will be going home warm with their knitted hats and stockings donated and made by the volunteers of the Auxiliary of Memorial Hospital at Easton.

Auxiliary volunteers began knitting the hats for newborns in the 1970’s, while the stockings were added for the winter months in 2001. The volunteer knitting group, known as Pandora’s Box, consists of approximately a dozen auxiliary volunteers. The volunteers are kept busy with an average of 90 babies being born each month at the Birthing Center; over the past four decades it is estimated they have made and delivered over 40,000 hats. For the holiday season, Auxiliary members knitted special green, white and red hats for the newborns while they typically receive either blue or pink.

The Auxiliary of Memorial Hospital at Easton is now seeking volunteers in all areas of service. To learn more about volunteer opportunities, call 410-822-1000, ext. 5839.

Talbot Goes Purple Week: January 21-27, 2018

Talbot Goes Purple is celebrating national ‘Go Purple’ week this month with educational events and student-led activities that help our youth take a stand against substance abuse.

Go Purple week for Talbot County runs January 21-27 and provides opportunities for students and communities to take a stand against substance abuse. Anyone who wants to show support can again display purple lights and/or gear during purple week.

Read more about Go Purple week on Talbot Spy,

Mark Your Calendar – January, 2018




  • Printer Sale, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., UM Shore Medical Center at Easton Health Education Center. All sales are final. For details, contact Thomas Towers, 443-786-6348,


  • Preparing for Childbirth – Labor and Delivery, 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., UM Shore Medical Center at Easton Health Education Center. Free class for expectant parents and birthing partners; includes a tour of the newly renovated Birthing Center. Free; register by phone: 410-822-1000, ext. 5200.


  • Safe Sitter, 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. UM Shore Medical Center at Chestertown. Teaches youth life and safety skills for when they are home alone, watching younger siblings or babysitting. $45 per person (note: some scholarships are available) and includes a workbook and backpack. Advance registration required: Chrissy Nelson, 410-778-7668, ext. 2175.
  • Breastfeeding Your Baby, 9 a.m. to 12:15 pm, UM Shore Medical Center at Easton, Health Education Center. Tips and techniques for breastfeeding and pumping. Free; register by phone: 410-822-1000, ext. 5200.



Bridge Clinic Support Group – Every Tuesday, 6-7:30pm, UM Shore Medical Center at Dorchester. Free, confidential support group meeting for individuals who have been hospitalized for behavioral health reasons and could benefit from assistance with issues after discharge. Varied topics based on participants’ needs. Each participant may bring one family member. Info: 410-228-5511, ext. 2140.


Breastfeeding Support Group – Tuesdays, 12/4 and 12/19, 10-11:30am, UM Shore Medical Center at Easton, Birthing Center. Led by lactation consultants for new and expectant mothers. Info: 410-822-1000 or 410-228-5511, ext. 5700.


Survivors Offering Support (SOS) – Free program pairing women who have breast cancer with mentors who are breast cancer survivors. If you need support or would like to become a mentor, call 410-822-1000, ext. 5866.

Breast Cancer Support Group – Tuesday, 1/23, 6-7:30pm, Cancer Center, Easton. Information and support for patients at any stage – diagnosis, treatment, recovery and survivorship. Info: 410-822-1000, ext. 5387.

Cancer Support Group/Easton – Thursdays, 1/4 and 1/18, Cancer Center, Easton. Information and support for patients at any stage – diagnosis, treatment, recovery and survivorship. Info: 443-254-5940.

Cancer Support Group/Chestertown – Monday, 1/22, 7pm, UM Shore Medical Center at Chestertown, Education Center. Information and support for patients at any stage – diagnosis, treatment, recovery and survivorship. Info: 410-778-7668, ext. 2175.

US TOO Prostate Cancer Support Group – Tuesday, 1/9, 6:30pm, Cancer Center, Easton. Patti Plaskon, PhD, LCSW-OSW-C will present on “Making Preparations for Your Family as You Age.” Info: call Sharon Richter, RN, 443-994-5792


Diabetes Support Group/Easton — Monday, 1/8, 5:30 pm. Talbot County Senior Center, 400 Brookletts Ave., Easton. Led by Karen Hollis, RD, CDE. Info: 410-822-1000, ext. 5757.

Diabetes Support Group/Denton – Wednesday, 1/3, 5 p.m., St. Luke’s United Methodist Church, 100 S. 5th Avenue, Denton.  Led by Doris Allen, CRNP, CDE. Info: 410-822-1000, ext. 5757.

Diabetes Support Group/Cambridge – Weds, 1/24, 6 p.m., Board Room, UM Shore Medical Center at Dorchester, 300 Byrn Street, Cambridge. Led by Wynn Aroom, RN, CDE. Info: 410-822-1000, ext. 5757.

Diabetes Support Group/Chestertown – Tues, 1/30, 6:30 p.m., Education Center, UM Shore Medical Center at Chestertown, 100 Brown St. Led by Chrissy Nelson, BSN, RN, CDE. Info: 410-778-3300, ext. 2175.


Mid-Shore Stroke Support Group – Thurs, 1/4, 12-2pm, UM Shore Medical Pavilion at Easton, 500 Cadmus Lane, Easton.  Melissa Means, PhD, will present “Medications After A Stroke.” All stroke survivors and/or caregivers and family members are welcome. Info: Nicole Leonard 410-822-1000 ext. 5068 or

Queenstown Stroke Support Group – Tues, 1/23, 12-2pm, UM Shore Pavilion at Queenstown, suite 320. Deborah Weber, LCPC will  present “Post Stroke Depression.” All stroke survivors and/or caregivers and family members are welcome. Info: Nicole Leonard, 410-822-1000, ext. 5068 or