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Above & Beyond



The following reports from patients and family members reaffirm our staff’s commitment
to putting our patients’ needs first. Please take a minute to say THANKS!

I was impressed and thankful I was to have Lamont [from Shore Home Care] as my PT. He was exceptional; in addition to being the most professional, knowledgeable physical therapist, he also has the exact demeanor needed for his position. He was kind, yet challenged me to get where he needed me to be physically at each stage of my therapy.

He worked with me at my home for about eight weeks after my car accident, during my wearing a body cast and then after surgery for spinal injuries. My family and friends could not have been more impressed with my improvement in mobility, and it was all due to the encouragement and direction from Lamont.

I have actually said to several persons that he saved my life. I was in a depressed state with the overwhelming pain, yet he got me up and moving, and doing what I needed to do to improve. I will be forever thankful that you sent Lamont to my home when I needed this assistance. I’m sure that every person he works with is thinking the same thoughts since it is very apparent that he loves what he does.

I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Pelczar or the nurses in the pre-op and post-op areas. Jennifer Morgan, RN was very knowledgeable and thorough in making sure that everything was in place prior to my surgery. She started my IV on the first stick. She communicated well with anesthesia and the OR nurse.

This visit restored my faith in [UM Shore Medical Center at Dorchester.} Everyone was helpful and treated me with respect. I can’t remember all my nurse’s name but they were great. The techs also were great. Coree Young was fantastic. I wish I could remember the others!

My pre-op visit with Vickie at Shore Medical Center at Chestertown was very helpful !! Also, Gail Dierker was excellent – she got my IV on the first stick & I’m not an easy stick for an IV !!

At Shore Rehab in Denton, all three of my therapists were very encouraging, supportive and knew their jobs!

As a retired emergency physician, I know how an ED is supposed to work and yours [at UM Shore Medical Center at Dorchester] met my expectations. My admitting nurse, Katie and my emergency physician, Dr. Klotz, were outstanding – professional, competent and caring.

UMMS Spirit Week Contest Winners Announced


Celebrating being “part of something greater,” UMMS Spirit Week at UM Shore Regional Health was a great success, with strong participation in the activities offered and plenty of staff enjoyment.

Contests and giveaways were highlighted in the hospital cafeterias on Friday, Spirit Day.

Contests and giveaways were highlighted in the hospital cafeterias last Friday, Spirit Day.

Teresa Blem of Comprehensive Rehab Services was suited up for Spirit Day.

Teresa Blem of Comprehensive Rehab Services was suited up for Spirit Day.

First up, congratulations to the Spirit Week contest winners:

  • Rebecca Wright, who works at UM SMC at Dorchester, is the prize winner for the “Part of Something Greater” Quiz  (her quiz was drawn from among all the correct entries).
  • Edna Molock of UM SMC at Easton is the prize winner for the “Name That Leader” Quiz (her quiz was drawn from among all the correct entries).
  • Lori Baker of UM SMC at Dorchester is the prize winner for “Guess the Number of Candies in the UMMS Colors Jar” — her guess of 230 was just over the actual number of 228.

Winners should contact Christina Wingate Spence, ext. 5732, to collect their prizes.

“Communications and Marketing staff counted hundreds of entries for each of the contests,” says Trena Williamson, regional director, Communications and Marketing. “They poured in by email and many more were collected on Friday at the Spirit Day tables in the medical center cafeterias and in the break room at UM Shore Emergency Center at Queenstown. Team members from all over the system showed a lot of enthusiasm for Spirit Week activities and a lot of pride in being part of UMMS.”

Matt Tresansky, Jorge Alvarez and Bryan Bowers (not shown in the photo) were happy to serve Maryland fare in the hospital cafeterias on Maryland Food Day.

Matt Tresansky, Jorge Alvarez and Bryan Bowers (not shown in the photo) were pleased to serve Maryland fare in the hospital cafeterias on Maryland Food Day last Wednesday, the midpoint of UMMS Spirit Week.

One of the most talked about activities in the week was last Wednesday’s “Maryland Food Day” in all three hospital cafeterias. According to Matt Tresansky, general manager, Food and Nutrition Services, the Maryland specialties featured on the day’s menu — crab cakes, cream of crab soup and stewed tomatoes — attracted about 20 percent more customers than on a typical day. There were people lined up in the hall waiting for us to open the doors,” Tresansky says. “Everyone seemed to really appreciate having special menu items that celebrate our Maryland heritage.”

Team members at Easton showed off their Maryland colors on UMMS Spirit Day, January 20. Left to right are Morgan Blue, Maryanne Williams, Jessica Denny, Victoria Bolowsky, Taffie Wilson Sara Pender and Ashley Hastings.

Team members at Easton showed off their Maryland colors on UMMS Spirit Day, January 20. Left to right are Morgan Blue, Maryanne Williams, Jessica Denny, Victoria Bolowsky, Taffie Wilson Sara Pender and Ashley Hastings.

Thank you to all of our team members who participated and a special thanks for all you do to provide greater health for Maryland and the patients we care for at UM Shore Regional Health. To watch the UMMS Spirit Week video, visit 

something greater



Filling Up With Heart

Heart OnlyHEART is gaining traction among UM Shore Regional Health team members as four more sessions held between Monday, January 23-and Saturday, January 28 take enrollment just over the 500 mark, reports Christine Clarke, service/excellence trainer for UM Shore Regional Health. As of Friday afternoon, 489 team members had participated in 21 sessions held in Dorchester, Chestertown and Easton, and 25 more were signed up for a Saturday morning session at Shore Medical Center at Easton.

“Many staff are registering in advance and some are just showing up,” Clarke notes. “I want to encourage people to sign up because in some spaces where the sessions are scheduled — for example, the Command Center in Easton — there is limited seating.”

The capacity of all February and March sessions at UM Shore Medical Pavilion in Easton on Cadmus Lane has been increased to accommodate 10 more team members. “What this means is that some sessions that appeared to be closed are reopened, so managers have another opportunity to schedule their team members in those sessions.”

In February, there will be five sessions offered in Chestertown (February 3, 10, 17, 21 and 24), five sessions in Dorchester (February 7, 11, 13, 25 and 27) and 15 in Easton (February 2, 8, 9, 14, 15, 16, 22 and 23).

HR Connections Launches Fitness Challenge


Ready Set Go

HR Connections has launched an 8-week fitness challenge,” Ready, Set, Go!” Whether you’re a new exerciser or a seasoned athlete, this challenge will help you stay motivated and fit with the support of your peers. Ready, Set Go! is open to all members of the UMMS Gold-Silver-Bronze health plans and will begin on February 6.

How to join the challenge: Log into the platform (  and create or join a team. Invite people to join your team by sending invites through the platform, or browse a list of teams that have open spots.

Set healthy goals: Once you have joined, you can choose to track exercise minutes, pedometer steps, and/or weight. Each week, you’ll try to stay consistent and meet a weekly health goal. When you feel like you’ve hit a rut, your teammates will help motivate you to succeed.

Track your activities: Chart your progress toward better health. Log your exercise minutes and/or pedometer steps to meet your weekly goals and help your team’s score. You can easily track from your computer, mobile phone via text messaging or mobile web, or through your team captain. Just be sure to track before the 11:59 PM CT deadline each Tuesday!

Succeed together: Provide encouragement, motivating notes, and healthy tips to your teammates and coworkers. With Ready, Set, Go, improving your fitness and leading a healthier life will be easy, fun and social!


Hospital Cafeterias Offer Low Cal Specials for “Waist Management Wednesdays”


To support the Waist Management weight loss program now in progress throughout UM Shore Regional Health, the cafeterias of UM Shore Medical Centers at Chestertown, Dorchester and Easton will be offering healthy, low calorie specials every Wednesday.

waist-management-1The special for this coming Wednesday, February 1, will be a grilled vegetable and black bean wrap with a bottled water and bag of baked chips.  The total calorie count is 330 for the combo and only 190 for the wrap.

Sterile Processing Staff and Perioperative Leadership Team Honored as Every Day Heroes



Shown (left to right) are team members  Jacquie Mowbray; Penny Pink, director, Surgical and Ambulatory Services; Renee Jeffries, Jane Flowers, manager, Sterile Processing; Susan Walbridge; Sydney Milligan and Lauren Wade; and F. Graham Lee, vice president of philanthropy.

Jane Flowers, manager, Sterile Processing at UM Shore Medical Center at Easton, recently recognized her Sterile Processing team and Perioperative leadership team by donating to the University of Maryland Memorial Hospital Foundation’s “Every Day Hero” Program to thank them for the support they gave to her while her friend was in the Emergency Department at UM SMC at Easton.

“The staff of Sterile Processing was great; while I continued to work through this event, my staff stepped up to the plate and excelled at what they do,” Flowers wrote in a letter to the Foundation accompanying her gift. “It was really a good feeling to know that not only my friend, as a patient was being cared for, but as the manager of Sterile Processing, I was also being supported.”


(Left to right) Front Row: Debbie Zador, Clinical Coordinator; Rosemary Butler; Joanne Dupree; Penny Pink, director, Surgical and Ambulatory Services; Whitney Johns; Laurie Wade, Perioperative Business Manager . Back Row: Graham Lee, VP for philanthropy; Sue Covey; Lorri Marth; Mattie Evans; Edna Molock; Jakisa Watkins; Debbie Linthicum; Corey Poon; Leslie Pinket; Jane Flowers, manager, Sterile Processing; Lutitia Fells

The Everyday Hero program provides patients, visitors and staff members with the opportunity to recognize and thank any member or team at UM Shore Regional Health, who made a positive difference in a visit or stay, by making a financial contribution of any size to the UM Memorial Hospital Foundation or the UM Chester River Health Foundation. Funds received through the Everyday Hero program are used for equipment, capital improvements and staff education for the departments in which the employees or team work.