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Above & Beyond



The following reports from patients and family members reaffirm our staff’s commitment

to putting our patients’ needs first. Please take a minute to say THANKS!

My mom received truly top-notch care [at UM Shore Medical Center at Easton]. The staff was fantastic at facilitating the process for gaining power of attorney for medical decisions at arranging her transfer to a skilled nursing facility.

My stay at Shore Medical Center at Dorchester was a great experience. I was very well cared for.

I encountered many of you during my visits to see my mother [at UM Shore Medical Center at Easton]Stephanie, Mary Camper, Sandie, Patti, Nancy, Dawn Robinson, Lisa, Mary Collins, Mary Ellen, Dawn Feher, Anne Christ, Amanda, Amber, Alyssa, Susan, Earthalee, Colby, Keri, Erin, Vivian, Jennifer, and those whose names I may have forgotten but whose care I will never forget. I recall the excellent service, personalities and concern I received from all who provided medical care, kept the room clean, brought the daily meals and were there to answer my questions and address small needs. I am grateful for that and much more.

In the CCU at UM Shore Medical Center at Chestertown the unit was quiet, no noise. Amy Loeder Couch was amazing, she deserves credit for her work.

At Shore Behavioral Health, every staff member, and I mean EVERY staff member, was caring and went out of their way not only for me but for the other patients in our ward. One stood out a– the male nurse named Rob. He was always kind and did the overall for us patients. He always on the move taking care of us. Nurse Nicole was fantastic at putting me at ease and making me feel safe and welcome. Dr. Anderson was fantastic. He really heard me and caught that I had been on the same meds for many, many years, and changed it for the better. And Dr. Salehinia is “the man!”

Holiday Message from Kenneth Kozel, President and CEO

Team-StrengthKozel-Ken_Small-for-WebIt’s difficult to believe that here we are again – on the cusp of a brand new year. As we take time to enjoy the holiday season with our family members, friends and loved ones and as we approach 2017, it brings me great pride and a feeling of tremendous gratitude to reflect upon the steadfast commitment and support of our team members, medical staff, Board members, volunteers and the local communities and our local communities of which we are privileged to be a part.

University of Maryland Shore Regional Health accomplished much in 2016.  This past year, we continued to live our vision, to be the region’s leader in patient centered health care.  Our team does that by striving each day to achieve  our organization’s goals of Putting our Patients First – creating exceptional quality, safety and patient experience; Innovation and Clinical Integration – leading the way in innovative and integrated care delivery; Access to Care – enhancing access to clinical services throughout the region; Team Strength – supporting the efforts of highly engaged team members and physician partners; and Financial Resources – achieving consistently strong financial performance in support of the mission.

In 2016, our entire team worked diligently and successfully by offering high quality, innovative health care to the residents of our five-county region.

Last January, our Shore Medical Group – the multispecialty physician group of University of Maryland Shore Regional Health – became a part of something greater as it joined a network of University of Maryland Medical System (UMMS)-affiliated physicians and advance practice providers located throughout the state. To reflect its proud relationship with UMMS, UM Shore Medical Group became a part of University of Maryland Community Medical Group (UM CMG). With our UM CMG partners, we focused our attention on enhancing access to our quality services and adding new primary care and specialty providers throughout our region. Shore Regional Health’s partnership with UMMS and UM CMG truly enables us to offer our patients highly accessible, leading-edge health care services, close to home.

This year, we celebrated the opening of a number of new outpatient facilities including the second phase of UM Shore Medical Pavilion at Easton and UM Shore Medical Pavilion at Chestertown, both of which provide our local communities with greater access to care by offering a number of medical specialties in convenient, centralized locations. At both of these locations, and all of our inpatient and outpatient facilities throughout the region, we have worked to create greater efficiencies to ensure the patients we serve are offered leading-edge, patient-centered health care.

This past summer, we celebrated the completed renovation at the Diagnostic and Imaging Center, which now also provides expanded space for the Clark Comprehensive Breast Center. As part of the renovation, the DIC upgraded its diagnostic technologies including digital mammography with tomosynthesis. With this addition, UM Shore Regional Health now offers state-of-the-art mammography at two locations across the region, in Easton and at the Eleanor and Ethel Leh Women’s Center in Chestertown.

The Birthing Center at UM Shore Medical Center at Easton celebrated its 20th Anniversary this year and a tremendous milestone – delivering 20,000 babies since its opening in a new unit in 1996. The Birthing Center team offers outstanding service to our communities and does excellent work in offering support to women during such profoundly important occasions in their lives, and in caring for the newborns they help bring into the world.

In 2016, UM Shore Regional Health entered into a partnership with ChoiceOne Urgent Care to open new urgent care centers in Denton and Easton. Both centers treat patients—from pediatrics to geriatrics—who need immediate medical care, but their illness and injury might not warrant a visit to the emergency room.   By establishing partnerships with ChoiceOne and numerous other community organizations and health care providers, Shore Regional Health is living our Mission of Creating Healthier Communities Together.

As we turn our focus to 2017, UM Shore Regional Health will be providing our entire team with the tools and training needed to ensure we are creating memorable moments and  meaningful care relationships with each patient and family member encounter.  Through improved access to our services and our goal to provide patient-centered care with each encounter, we are taking the necessary steps to realize our vision of being the regions leader in patient centered healthcare.

Over the next several months, we will be kicking off some exciting new projects and services throughout our region. We are thrilled to announce the advancement of cardiology services including electrophysiology (EP) of the heart and percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) – two medical procedures that are vital, and in some instances, life-saving, for those patients experiencing acute cardiac events. Our partners at UM CMG – Cardiology and our Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Services team members have worked very hard to make these services available here at Shore Regional Health and are extremely passionate about the positive impact this will have in our communities.

For our friends and neighbors in Caroline County, there are some exciting things happening in Denton. In February, UM Shore Regional Health plans to break ground on its newest Medical Pavilion – UM Shore Medical Pavilion at Denton – which upon its completion in 18 months will provide the patients we care for in that community with convenient access  to primary care and a number of medical specialties and services.

Thank you for your commitment to Shore Regional Health, the high quality care and compassion you provide to the patients we serve and the valuable health care services you enable us to offer the region. It takes all of us to make our organization the region’s leader in patient-centered health care and the work you do to help us realize our goals is greatly appreciated. I wish you and your loved ones a joyous holiday season and a new year that brings an abundance of health, happiness and success to all. I am very much looking forward to continuing our success in 2017.

Updates to Hospital Exterior Coming Soon


The exterior of University of Maryland Shore Medical Center at Dorchester will see some changes over the next several weeks according to Brian Leutner, executive director with UM Shore Regional Health and the hospital’s site administrator.

Due to its current unhealthy state, a large tree that stands on the Choptank River-facing side of the hospital will be removed at the end of December. “Because of its age and general deterioration over time, it was determined that the tree poses a safety risk and needs to be removed from the property,” comments Leutner. “Community members – especially those coming into Cambridge via the Malkus Bridge – can expect to see some activity outside the hospital on or around December 29, at which time the tree will be removed.”

A plan is also underway to update the exterior lighted signage on the river side of the hospital. The new lighted signage will be clearly visible to residents and visitors as Shore Medical Center with the University of Maryland Medical System icon, consistent with the naming conventions of Shore’s three hospitals. The existing signage has been non-operational for some time due to obsolete technologies and will be replaced in the early part of 2017. “We appreciate the community’s understanding, as well as the patience and cooperation of our team members and volunteers, as we make these updates to the hospital’s façade,” adds Leutner.

The tree and the signage are on the river side of the building, so parking and entry to the hospital through the main entrance or the Emergency Department will not be affected.

UM Community Medical Group – Neurology and Sleep Medicine Announces Addition to its Team


Rahel Alemu, CRNP, MSN

Rahel Alemu, CRNP, MSN

University of Maryland Community Medical Group (UM CMG), recently announced the addition of Eastern Shore-based neurology nurse practitioner Rahel Alemu, CRNP, MSN. Her clinical interests include the treatment of brain, spinal cord and nerve disorders.

Alemu earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Wilmington University, then pursued further education with a Master of Science in Nursing at Salisbury University.  She is a board-certified family nurse practitioner.

“We couldn’t be happier to have Rahel join our team at the University of Maryland Community Medical Group in our Neurology and Sleep Medicine practice,” comments Michele Wilson, vice president of operations for UM CMG. “Rahel brings with her more than 15 years of experience of compassionate, comprehensive patient care.”

UM CMG is a University of Maryland Medical System-owned network of more than 300 primary care physicians, specialists and advanced practice clinicians. As part of UM CMG, Alemu is affiliated with UM Shore Regional Health.

Alemu is currently seeing patients at three locations throughout the region:

  • Shore Medical Pavilion at Easton, 490 Cadmus Lane in Easton; Appointments: 410-770-5250
  • Shore Medical Pavilion at Dorchester, 400 Byrn Street in Cambridge; Appointments: 410-221-0448
  • Shore Medical Pavilion at Queenstown, 125 Shoreway Drive in Queenstown; Appointments: 410-770-5250

UM CMG consists of community-based provider practices affiliated with UM Baltimore Washington Medical Center, UM Charles Regional Medical Center, University of Maryland Medical Center Midtown Campus and UM Shore Regional Health.  A list of UM CMG providers is available at

The Value of SERVICE: What it Means to UM SRH Team Members


In preparation for the H.E.A.R.T. experience that all 2500-plus UM Shore Regional Health team members will undertake between now and April 30, 2017, Compass is focusing on UM SRH value definitions and the ways those values are translated in our day-to-day work as we care for our patients and serve the overall health needs of our five-county region. Last week’s Value was Excellence; this week’s value is SERVICE.

commwithheart-largelogoService: Demonstrating Unselfish Commitment to Others Each Day

  • We promote healing, hope and love.
  • We humbly accept challenges with gratitude.
  • We give our best in every care relationship.
  • We recognize and adapt to the needs of others.
  • We listen to understand and act to heal

Here is an excellent example of “service in action,” drawn from a letter recently sent by a thankful family member of a patient:

“Each  encounter with you conveyed the mission, support and values of your unit. You were all united for the patient and the support of their health, and for the welfare and concern for their families…. You took every effort, gave of your full abilities, and made my mother’s treatment and care your priority. … Even as the shifts changed, the demeanor, care and compassion provided did not. … All of you as team members are wonderful and talented people who do great things for so many. Service over self is evident with with each of you.”

Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Come True with Help from EH&W Services


How many times have you made a resolution for the New Year — only to lose your motivation, your interest or your commitment as time goes by? The charts below, from, shows data from 2015 that shed some light on the tradition of New Year’s resolutions:


ny-resolutions-lengthWhy go it alone? Employee Health and Wellness Services is ready to help team members realize two of  the most common — and the most challenging — resolutions for 2017.  Success in either one will go a long way in improving your health, energy level and self-esteem.


Put on a few pounds over the holidays? Want to look great in a bathing suit this summer? Just want to get healthy and feel better? EH&W staff are here to help with a weight loss program — WAIST MANAGEMENT — beginning January 9, 2017. Goals for participants are: 1) lose 10 percent of their body weight; and 2) reduce the size of their waist

  • The program is based on working with groups of 8-12 people.
    • EH&W will provide onsite support for any location that has a group. Locations can combine to meet this requirement. For example: DIC and Cancer Center, or Queenstown Emergency Center and Medical Pavilion. (We will help you find a group if you like.)
    • Individual participants are welcome but will need to come to hospital locations for meetings, etc.
    • Session: 12 weeks (January 9- March 5)
      • First week group session – Weigh in and waist measurement, set individual goals and get hand outs
      • Weekly weigh in — EH&W staff will go to each site weekly for weigh in and short meeting with participants (weekly weight can be sent in via email but at least once a month, weight and waist measurement must be recorded by EH&W staff)
      • Education sessions will be held monthly at each location.
      • “Waist Management” participants can email questions to EH&W and receive answers in two business days.
      • Participants can have their favorite recipe reviewed by a dietitian for calorie count, etc., and suggestions on how to alter it for improved health benefit.
  • At the end of the program there will be recognition for:
    • Winning Team: Based on greatest percentage of body weight lost
    • Individual Winner: Greatest pecentage of body weight lost.
    • Individual Winner: Greatest reduction in waist measurement


Have you thought about giving up cigarettes, or even tried, but not had success? A group
effort might be just what you need! There are many reasons to quit smoking, but here are the most obvious ones:

  • Improving your health
  • Saving money (If you smoke one pack a day at $6 a pack or more, it costs you at least $2,190 each year)
  • Convenience and stress reduction – No more running outside for smoke breaks, no more pressure from friends and family!

Are You Ready to Quit? This quick quiz will help you decide:

1. Do you want to quit smoking for yourself? __ Yes __No
2. Is quitting smoking a number one priority for you? __ Yes __No
3. Have you tried to quit smoking before? __ Yes __No
4. Do you believe smoking is dangerous to your health? __ Yes __No
5. Are you committed to trying to quit even though it may be tough at first? __ Yes __No
6. Are your family, friends and co-workers willing to help you quit smoking? __ Yes __No
7. Besides health reasons, do you have personal reasons for quitting smoking?  __ Yes __No
8. Will you be patient with yourself and keep trying if you slip or backslide?  __ Yes __No
If you answered yes to five or more of the questions above, you are ready to quit!

ny-resolutions-top-tenRepresentatives from local county health departments will be conducting introductory sessions for Smoking Cessation programs at the following dates and times:
Kent County Health Department (Mary Jo Carpenter): SMC at Chestertown Education Room Tuesday, January 10, 1 p.m.,
Talbot County Health Department (Sandy Bradley):  SMC at Easton HEC C/D, Wednesday,  January 11, 1 p.m.
Dorchester County Health Department (Julie Jones): SMC at Dorchester Boardroom, Thursday, January 12, 1 p.m.


HOW TO REGISTER FOR BOTH PROGRAMS:  Flyers and a registration form will be posted on Wavelength (the intranet) as of Tuesday, December 27. If you have questions, feel free to contact Nancy Bedell, 410-822-1000, ext. 5144 or 410-829-7193,