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Birthing Center Celebrates 20 Years of Service

SRM 6000 Birthing Ctr Poster-MECHA lively celebration of the Birthing Center’s 20 years of service to Eastern Shore families took place on Thursday, February 25, in the Center’s Conference Room. Coverage of the event will appear in next week’s Compass, but for now, please take time to congratulate the Center’s staff for the more than 20,000 babies they have delivered since their opening date, January 16, 2016.


Donation Funds New Guest Furniture at UM Shore Medical Center at Dorchester


CCU Chairs 2016

Pictured are (front) Lori D’Ambrosio; Ida Jane Baker, president, Dorchester General Hospital Foundation; Anna Chamberlain; (back) Ramona Taylor; Phyllis Creighton; Ruth Ann Jones, interim chief nursing officer; Mandy Bounds, manager, Critical Care and Multi-Specialty Care Units; and Vicky Collins.

The Critical Care Unit at University of Maryland Shore Medical Center at Dorchester is now home to four reclining sleeper chairs thanks to a generous donation, totaling $5,000, made by Ted and Phyllis Creighton to the Dorchester General Hospital Foundation.

While spending time on the unit as a patient, Mr. Creighton observed that his wife would have been more at ease during her many hours visiting him if a more comfortable, home-like, reclining chair had been available in his room. In response to this observation, and with the thought that others could benefit from the same comfort while visiting their family members, especially when staying overnight, the Creightons made a donation to the Foundation for the purchase of new sleeper chairs.

“The generosity of members of our local community, like the Creightons, makes it possible for the Foundation to fund much needed equipment and services at Shore Medical Center at Dorchester,” comments Ida Jane Baker, president, Dorchester General Hospital Foundation. “Every donation is used to achieve our ultimate goal – to provide the highest quality medical care to our friends and neighbors visiting our local hospital.”

Ruth Ann Jones, interim chief nursing officer, UM Shore Regional Health remarks, “Our team strives to provide patient and family-centered care, which is based on the understanding that family members are a patient’s primary source of support and strength. Families are integral partners with the healthcare team.   We welcomed the support Mrs. Creighton offered to her husband and to the Critical Care staff during his stay and we are appreciative of their recent contributions to the unit, which will offer comfort to others.”

“It is our hope that other family members, like myself, will benefit from the comfort of these chairs while visiting their ill loved ones,” says Mrs. Creighton. “My husband and I received wonderful care at Shore Medical Center at Dorchester and we are just happy to have been able to help others have a positive experience when in need of hospital care.”

CPR Opportunities Scheduled in Chestertown


aha-2Over the next several weeks, University of Maryland Shore Medical Center at Chestertown will host two CPR classes, one designed for health care providers and another for members of the community.

Family and Friends CPR – UM Shore Medical Center at Chestertown, Education Center
Tuesday, March 16, 2016, 2-4:30pm
RSVP: Sherrie Hill, 410-778-3300, ext. 2222
Refreshments provided. Class size is limited so please RSVP to reserve your spot.
Family and Friends CPR is for people who want to learn CPR, but do not need a CPR course completion card for their job. This course is ideal for family members and friends of persons with medical problems as well as those interested in learning how to save a life. 

American Heart Association Basic Life Support for Health Care Providers
Saturday, April 23, 8am-12pm
RSVP: Mickey Roderick: 410-778-3300, ext. 3301 or
$40 Registration Fee
Approved by the American Heart Association, this class teaches participants how to recognize several life-threatening emergencies through classroom instruction and hands-on certified CPR training. Participants will also learn how to effectively use an automated external defibrillator (AED) and to relieve choking in a safe, timely and effective manner. This class is designed for health care professionals including nurses, lifeguards, police officers, fire fighters and child care workers. 

Cardiovascular Professionals Celebrated During February, American Heart Month


aha-2During the month of February, Cardiovascular Professionals at UM Shore Regional Health observed American Heart Month to raise awareness about heart disease and the various ways it can be prevented. One in four deaths are caused by heart disease making it the leading cause of death for men and women in the United States. The three major risk factors are high blood pressure, high cholesterol and smoking. Other risk factors include having diabetes, inactivity, eating an unhealthy diet, obesity and family history.

The good news? In many cases, heart disease can be prevented by making healthier lifestyle choices regarding diet and exercise, and by managing any chronic medical conditions that you may have.

Not just during American Hearth Month, but all year through, the cardiovascular professionals at UM Shore Regional Health encourage you to:

  • Know your numbers: be aware of your blood pressure and cholesterol levels and consult with your medical provider about ways to keep your numbers within normal limits
  • Know the warning signs of a heart attack: the chances of surviving a heart attack are greater the sooner you receive emergency treatment
  • And finally, make sure you are receiving proper medical care from a provider you trust.

Various events took place throughout the month to raise awareness about heart health.

Donna Neff and Judi Willock at Friends and Family CPR.

Donna Neff and Judi Willock at Friends and Family CPR.

Sixteen community members participated in the Family and Friends CPR Event held at UM Shore Medical Center at Chestertown on February 16. Family and Friends CPR is for people who want to learn CPR, but do not need a CPR course completion card for their job. This course is ideal for family members and friends of persons with medical problems as well as those interested in learning how to save a life. Another class is scheduled for Tuesday, March 16 from 2-4:30pm, which will be held in the Education Center at UM Shore Medical Center at Chestertown. To register, call Sherrie Hill at 410-778-3300, ext. 2222.

Sarah Hughes, RN; Matthew Roberts, MS, ACSM-CEP; and Tracy Supcoe, RN, BSN of the Cardiac Rehab Program at UM SMC at Easton.

Sarah Hughes, RN; Matthew Roberts, MS, ACSM-CEP; and Tracy Supcoe, RN, BSN of the Cardiac Rehab Program at UM SMC at Easton.

In observation of National Cardiac Rehabilitation Week – Sunday, February 14-Saturday, February 20 – the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program at UM Shore Medical Centers at Chestertown, Dorchester and Easton held several activities to celebrate the life-saving impact of cardiac rehabilitation. Cardiac rehabilitation has a vital role in reducing the effects of heart disease and improving quality of life for patients and their families. To learn more about the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program, call:
UM SMC at Chestertown – 410-778-3300, ext. 2222
UM SMC at Dorchester – 410-228-5511, ext. 8201
UM SMC at Easton – 410-822-1000, ext. 5208

During Cardiovascular Professionals Week– Sunday, February 14-Saturday, February 20 – several events were held including an “Ask the Expert” event for team members and volunteers. Stations included Cardiology, which offered EKGs; Respiratory, which offered pulse ox exams; Vascular, which offered ABIs; Cardiac Rehabilitation, which offered blood pressure screenings and information about the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program; and the Sleep Lab, which had an informational booth. Dr. John Condit of UM Community Medical Group – Cardiology, was also on hand for Q&A. In addition, daily activities were set up in the cafeteria at UM Shore Medical Center at Easton.

Several members of the Cardiovascular team at UM Shore Regional Health.

Several members of the Cardiovascular team at UM Shore Regional Health

Cardiopulmonary Staff Complete Intensive PFT Training


Core staff members in Cardiopulmonary Services recently completed in-depth training in pulmonary function testing (PFT) that covered every procedure performed, reports Steve Eisemann, regional manager, Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Services.

Receiving the training were Terri Fisher, RRT, CPFT; Tracy Hindle, RRT, AE-C and Patty Joiner, RRT, CPFT. They each earned 20 hours of continuing education credits (CEU) upon successful completion of the four day training. The training was made possible thanks to grant application, written and submitted by Fisher to UM Memorial Hospital Foundation’s Ritter Fund. Funding was awarded in the amount of $4,734.

Patty Joiner, Terri Fisher and Tracy Hindle recently completed extensive PFT training.

Patty Joiner, Terri Fisher and Tracy Hindle recently completed extensive PFT training.

Pulmonary function testing determines the presence of lung disease. It determines the extent of the disease or impairment and also monitors progression. Test results also play a significant role in determining the course of therapy to treat the disease. Testing requires considerable cooperation from the patient — and skill on the part of the therapist.

“For the data to be accurate and helpful to the physicians who are making diagnoses and developing treatment plans, our therapists must be extremely well-trained and proficient in a variety of testing equipment,” says Eisemann. “That’s why this training is so important. We are really grateful to the Ritter Fund of UM Memorial Hospital Foundation for making it possible.”

Pulmonary function testing is conducted at all three UM Shore Regional Health hospitals. The laboratory at Easton also provides cardio-pulmonary stress testing that helps physicians diagnose the causes of a patients’ shortness of breath and identify their exercise tolerance level in a rehabilitation program and Methacholine challenges to determine the presence and extent of reactive airway disease that has not been revealed through more commonly performed pulmonary function testing.

System-Wide PC Reboot Set for Monday, February 29 at 2 a.m.


All of UM Shore Regional Health PCs must be updated with new browser software and protected with security patches to avoid devices becoming infected.  In order to load these new updates the PCs MUST be rebooted.

The IT department has reported that several hundred PCs have not been rebooted in order to activate their patches/upgrades. As a result,  IT will be automatically rebooting all devices on Monday, February 29 at 2 a.m. Be sure to save all work on your PC!

Telemetry at UM SMC at Easton Gets SLAMmed!


Safe Lifting and Moving (2)

The Safe Lifting and Movement (SLAM) Committee of University of Maryland Shore Regional Health surprised the 4th floor Telemetry Unit at UM Shore Medical Center at Easton on Tuesday, February 23, with a visit to celebrate the unit’s staff on their outstanding success in reducing injuries incurred while moving or lifting patients. According to SLAM co-chair Mandy Bounds, MS, RN, CCRN-CMS, Easton Telemetry was the first unit to be recognized in what will be a series of quarterly celebrations for achievement in avoiding staff injuries related to moving or lifting patients.

“The Telemetry Unit at Easton has made huge strides in making sure that staff are properly trained in safe moving and lifting techniques and use of equipment,” notes Bounds. “Thanks to their efforts, more than a year has passed since a staff injury has occurred on the unit.”

Bounds also reported that across UM Shore Regional Health hospitals and outpatient facilities, the rate of staff injuries incurred while moving or lifting patients has decreased significantly in the past two years. SLAM has accomplished this by identifying barriers to the use of safe lifting equipment and updating staff in the proper strategies for use.

“We also have completed an inventory of all the equipment currently in use and also conducted an organization-wide needs assessment that will help us plan for the future,” explains Bounds. “We are cultivating a culture of safe lifting and will be kicking off a nursing clinical subgroup that will implement clinical practice guidelines.”

In addition to Blem and Bounds (co-chair), SLAM Committee members are: Gina Anciano, Nancy Bedell, Gary Bigelow, Susan Coe, Chris DiFatta, Pamela Pardun, Steve Pittman and  Amy Stafford.

Chester River Bridge Set for 30-day closure to begin July 18


The Chester River Bridge Task Force, has confirmed that the planned closure dates for the bridge are now firm: July 18 — through August 14.  There will be some preliminary work going on this spring and summer, with possible lane closures at times, but the actual bridge closure will not take place until July 18. During the closure period, the Bridge will undergo needed repairs and maintenance work.

UM Shore Regional Health team members are working with the Task Force to make sure that operations at UM SMC at Chestertown remain accessible to patients and staff, and that the public is well-informed about alternate routes to the medical center from  Queen Anne’s county.

Kent and Queen Anne’s EMS do not anticipate changing any of their protocols, however, MIEMSS was put on notice of the possibility of more patient fly-outs from Chestertown due to the additional 20+ minute detour by vehicle.  In addition, since a significant number of the members live south of the bridge, Chestertown Volunteer Fire Department will have six to eight firemen stationed at the firehouse 24/7 to reduce response times during the closure.